Type of Situations Leading Students to Look for Homework Help

Let me ask you a question, “Do you really believe that homework help students with gaining more knowledge about the subject?” Well, I suppose the answer will differ from subject to subject and interest to interest. The most common dialogue by students, “Can you help me accomplish my homework” or “I will complete my homework without any help” supposedly except the whole concept in a single line.

But let’s talk about each in detail.

“Can you help me complete my homework?”

This phrase is really common amongst students who do not possess any type of interest in a particular subject. For example, if you are mathematics students but have gradually lost the interest in the same subject, you might possibly look for options to help you complete your homework. Let’s discuss what options they can be:

  1. Your classmates or friends:

Mathematics can be really tough on students especially if they do not have aninterest in the same subject. So one of the most common options for “Help me complete my homework” is asking your friends or classmates who really are interested in this subject.

But the main question is, “Are they really going to help you?” Your friends might, but you cannot expect the same from all your classmates. Why, if you ask? Let’s consider the same situation in this way: All your classmates are sailing in the same boat as yours. And a group of students who actually possess aninterest in mathematics are busy in the boat race.

  1. Your teachers:

Asking help from your teachers can lead to two different scenarios:

  1. Positive feedback

Teachers will help you with their best. But such a case only work when you really have a genuine reason on why you really need homework help from them? And it is suggested to students that they must carry a good reputation in front of their teachers and professors because they can at least guide you with the quality of the homework they expect from you.

  1. Negative feedback

If you have always been absent in your lectures and never answered any question properly to your teachers, well you might want to expect a negative feedback from your teachers. So when you ask them “Could you help me on how to check my homework,” you will probably get a reply, “Dear student, attend the lectures daily and you will not face such a problem Well yes, it is sort of hurting, but true as well.

So promise yourself to attend your classes on time from now.

  1. Your Parents:

Parents really want to see their kids growing with knowledge. And when you ask them, “Dad, could you help me complete my homework?” you will probably get one of the two replies:

Sure: So when your father is really confident about the subject, he will surely help you with the best he can. Parents are selfless when they try to help their kids.

Sorry, I can’t: If you are not getting any help from your father, then it is because: either he doesn’t have any knowledge about the subject or he is really busy with his schedule.

  1. Online help:

Talking about online help, this platform serves the best for students who do not pursue aninterest in the subject and do not want to spend time in the same either. So if you are a student with a statement in the head, “I wish someone could help me complete my homework, I do not want to waste my time on this subject,” online help is probably the best platform for you. You can register yourself with online homework help companies that will provide you best quality content for your subject homework.

And now, let’s discuss the scenario when generallythe phrase, “I will complete my homework without any help.”

Well, such a case is only noticed in the subjects that interest students. Or let’s phrase it this way; if a student gets a homework related to finance studies, he/she may not require any help in the same. Why so, if you ask? Well, it is because of their interest in finance studies. Few students are really passionate about some subjects. And when they are assigned homework on such subjects, they generally complete the project without any help.

And now, let’s go back to the first question,

Does homework help students with better knowledge about the subject?

Well, honestly, it will again depend on the choice of subject. Let’s discuss both the answers:

  • Yes, homework does help:

Students will generally answer YES to this question if the subject is of their interest. For example, if you are really passionate about literature and you are assigned homework to talk about William Shakespeare, you will probably learn a lot from this homework. And eventually, you will say, “I will complete my homework with great dedication because literature is something that interests me!”

  • No, homework does not help at all:

Now, consider that you are not a literature person and is assigned the same homework. You will probably look for some online help for your homework, or probably a student passionate about literature can help you.

Under such a scenario, you will phrase, “Can you help me complete my homework since literature is not really my cup of tea!” And therefore, it is suggested that students shall take every possible homework help because they do not want to spoil their grades at the end. But also try to develop abetter interest in your subject because it will lead you to better understanding and help you learn that subject.

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