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What is Computer Science and Need for Homework Assignment

by Sep 25, 2015Computer Science

General Definition

Computer science is the study of various technologies and studies related to computer that includes coding, network, hardware infrastructure, algorithm etc. It is basically a scientific approach to computation and its application. It covers the study of algorithm or procedures that paves the path for understanding processes, various methods and more information.

Basic Fact

A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational system. It consists of many fields depending upon its theoretical and practical approach. When it comes to computer science engineering, it derives lot of theoretical subjects along with it that includes:

1) C Programming.

2) Data Structure.

3) Java Programming.

4) Automata.

5) C++ Programming.

6) Data Base Management System.

7) Artificial Intelligence.

8) Network Studies.

These are the main subjects that are included in the computer science course and these are subject where teacher put lot of emphasis in giving computer science homework assignment.

There are other various other subjects that are also taught during this course and teachers also associate them while giving computer science homework assignment. Computer Science is getting advanced day by day likewise new subjects are also added in the course replacing old subjects. Universities are adding up these new subject so that they can help students to learn about modern technologies.

Need For Homework Assignment

Homework assignment is an important factor of an engineering course as it helps student in engaging themselves in study. Teachers in various colleges maintain a routine of giving students computer science homework assignment so that they can help students in evaluating their learned works. Student can also take inspiration from what is chemical engineering and necessity for homework assignment. Homework assignment keeps students in having a day to day study thus helping them in having a proper knowledge base.