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Importance of English Homework Assignment

by Sep 25, 2015English

General Idea

English is a very important part of studies that help students in building their social language. English is basically a main mode of communication in various countries. So colleges need to have a subject of English so that teach students about various types of studies related to English. English is basic medium for studying every kind of subjects and most of the teachers teaches their subject through this medium.

Basic Fact

English acts as global language for studying subjects related to various things. This is the reason that colleges included an English subject in every and follow a routine in giving English homework assignment. Student to pursue for higher studies in other countries needs to have a properly knowledge of English both for learning and communication. English is a global language that is popular in many countries like:

1) USA.

2) UK.

3) Canada.

4) Australia.

5) South Africa.

6) Ireland.

7) India.

Most of the subject that student learn has English as a medium of communication. Teachers teaches their student in English and that is why this medium is of great importance. Colleges have included English as mandatory subject in every courses and that is why teachers follow a routine of providing student with English homework assignment.

Needs of Homework Assignment

English homework assignment is a really important aspect in various courses as it helps student in evaluating their knowledge in this subject. Everyone should go through what is computer science and need for homework assignment to find a relation with this assignment. Assignments homework engage student in having a daily small learning about various aspect of this subject thus helping themselves in building a firm base. It will also help them in communicating as it will also help them in increasing their vocabulary by large margin. Thus it is important to have this subject as mandatory part in every course.