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Effect of academic stress on students who need help with my homework

What Can Homework Do To Your Mental Health? Discover the Untold Impacts Here

by Feb 18, 2024Homework Help

What Can Homework Do To Your Mental Health? Discover the Untold Impacts Here

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Published: February 18, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Excessive homework can significantly impact a student’s mental health, contributing to serious conditions like anxiety and depression.

  • It’s essential for educators, parents, and students to create an environment where homework is used to enhance learning and creativity rather than adding undue stress.

  • Overloading on homework can undermine the quality of sleep, extracurricular engagements, and personal development of students.

  • Homework, when properly managed, offers benefits such as improved retention of class material and enriched time management skills.

  • Strategic time management, setting realistic boundaries, and seeking help with homework when necessary can serve to maintain mental health and boost academic performance.

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed with your homework, know that you’re not alone. Every year, students from all across the globe find themselves burdened with excessive homework requirements. The grueling routine associated with doing homework negatively impact their mental health. Staying up late to finish the assignments in short deadlines brings anxiety and stress which can lead to depression and lower academic performance from students.

But homework does not affect your mental health alone. It can also affect your physical health, influencing how you behave and learn in school or college. The pressure to keep up with your peers across a spectrum of fast paced courses, different classes, and extracurricular activities all adds up to more stress.

According to a study by Stanford, too much homework can have detrimental effects on students, especially on their life outside of school or college. In this article, we delve into the impact of homework on student’s mental health, and how it’s making education more challenging for students.

Effects of Homework on Mental Health

Homework can significantly impact your mental health, and it’s important to understand why. Heavy workloads may contribute to serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression. It takes a toll on your mental health, as reported by reputable sources like USA Today, which should not be left ignored.

Consider a scenario: you’ve spent a long six to eight hours working hard at school, shuffling between different classes tasks and extracurricular activities. You get home by late afternoon, and you want to relax, but you just can’t! You’ve got bucket loads of homework to finish, often by that very same day. It’s that added academic stress that you don’t need, not at the comfort of your home environment.

Excessive homework also feeds into unhealthy sleep patterns. When you’re up late trying to finish assignments, you’re likely to get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night. This sleep deprivation isn’t just bad for your physical health, it’s also damaging to your mental health.

While homework is designed to be a tool for reinforcing what you’ve learned in class, boost your academic performance, and better prepare you for life after high school, too much of it can actually do more harm than good. In trying to excel in the academics, students often ask for help with homework. This could be a great way to manage workload, provided the help is also constructively used to enhance learning.

Negative Impacts

Homework, once designed to reinforce learning and enhance academic performance, has now become an overwhelming element in many students’ lives. Often attached to negative repercussions, it’s impacting students right from their physical health to their mental wellbeing. This is especially true for students who are facing other challenges, like difficult home circumstances or economic disadvantages. When situation like these arise, students often wonder how to do homework when overwhelmed. This is when they ask if anyone can “help with my homework“.

Increased Stress Levels

One of the immediate negative impacts is increased stress levels amongst students. According to multiple studies, students now average about three hours of homework per night. As cited by the Atlantic, students now have twice as much homework as compared to the 90s. This spike in workload equates to a substantial increment in stress levels in students.

Interesting fact: Did you know that around 35% of young people in the USA have high blood pressure?

Balancing school academics, extracurricular activities, family time, and personal hobbies becomes a tumultuous task. It not just saps their energy but also contributes to the feeling of being under a constant pressure.

Anxiety and Depression

Contending with large amounts of homework doesn’t just end with stress, it opens the doors to more serious mental health issues: anxiety and depression. With increased competition and overpowering pressure from academics, about 65% of high school students deal with severe anxiety and 52% are diagnosed with depression. The root cause? Impractical academic demands and limited time for personal growth and recreational activities.

Furthermore, academic burnout is no stranger to high school seniors. Between school, college applications, and preparing for graduation, seniors often find themselves on the verge of psychological exhaustion. The mental strains of excessive homework, as detailed in discussions on the different challenges faced by students while doing homework, lead to serious consequences including intense feelings of anxiety, depression, and an overall compromised mental health.

No Time for Personal Matters

Perhaps the most disturbing impact of excessive homework is the loss of personal time. Students are left with very little time to pursue hobbies, engage in interpersonal interactions, or even have a healthy family time. Personal time is often sacrificed in the name of academic performance and the burden of mind-boggling amount of homework, leading to students missing out on quintessential developmental experiences.

At this point, it’s compelling to mull over a mindful reassessment of the purpose and the volume of homework in a way that better serves students’ mental health and overall well-being. After all, it’s not about scraping homework, it’s about scraping meaningless, purposeless, busy work-type homework that leads to detrimental impacts.

Positive Aspects

Despite the stress and difficulties that homework is known to cause, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are pros to homework that should not be discounted.

A balancing act

While you may often find yourself overwhelmed with homework, there’s an aspect of it that benefits everyone: it can reinforce what you’ve learned in class. Students usually retain 50% or less of what they hear, read or see in class. Additional engagement with course content outside the classroom, in the form of homework, helps increase that retention level.

It’s not about loading you up with work but providing opportunities for practice. Homework can be useful, especially when it revives knowledge on a specific topic. While it stands true that an overload can lead to cheating or copying in a bid to get rid of the task, the main point here is to ensure a balanced quantity and quality of homework.

This increase in workload does lead to stress, but it could potentially be valuable with a measured approach, striking a balance between quantity and academic performance.

Improved Time Management Skills

One advantage of the homework assignment that’s often overlooked is how it promotes time management skills.

Sure, piling on the work is a strain, but it subtly trains you to organize your activities, delegate your hours and persist, which are valuable skills beyond high school. It’s like a practice run for the real world where you’ll have multiple tasks competing for your attention.

Having a daunting amount of homework can push students to seek online help. There can be a temptation to ask someone to do my homework, exploring platforms like Chegg, Scholarly Help, and Quizlet. Yet, it’s important to remember that the main goal remains the actual learning and mastery of the subject matter, not merely finishing the homework.

Whether you’re just keeping up with academic performance or genuinely interested in specific subjects, homework will always be part of the school experience. But remember, understanding how to manage it efficiently can help turn the tide in your favor, ensuring that the effects on your mental health are not overwhelmingly negative.

In the following sections, we’ll continue to explore effective ways of handling your homework without trading off your mental health.

Strategies for Maintaining Mental Health

Set up a Routine

Establishing a day-to-day regimen for studying can go a long way. With a definite routine in place, you’ll find balancing your homework and personal life becomes easier. Remember, the purpose is not to overload yourself with tasks, but to create a productive environment that promotes learning. Include in your routine dedicated time slots for rest and relaxation in order to maintain your mental health.

Research supports the argument that structure improves academic skills. For example, a marked 25% increase in academic skill has been observed with a structured environment. Remember, your routine should work for you, accommodating to your peaks of energy, concentration, and other commitments during the day.

Praise Hard Work and Effort

Don’t succumb to the pressure of grades – your efforts need to be appreciated no matter the outcome. Approach your homework with the aim to learn and master the content, not merely to complete it. It’s more beneficial for your academic performance to grasp the concepts than to cheat your way through for a higher grade as some students often do. High motivation for grades may sometimes lead to copying or even cheating, and notably, this doesn’t serve your long term academic goals.

Setting Boundaries

Remember, it’s okay to say “No” when you’re overloaded with homework. Odds are high that more than 4 hours of homework each day may be counterproductive. The study shows that only 22.7% of students strongly agree that substantial homework helps them learn. It’s crucial to communicate with your teachers and make them aware if homework is causing undue stress or detracting from your overall wellbeing.

Seeking Support

Struggling with homework often reveals gaps in understanding, not just procrastination. That’s where our expert homework services shine. Get instant help from our experts to complete your assignments, even under short deadlines and boost confidence and grades. Our platform provides 24/7 access to a broad spectrum of subjects, streamlining your journey to academic clarity.

Dive into our resource library for solved examples that reflect our quality and diversity in subjects, or check our ‘Wall of Love’ for student testimonials. These resources showcase our commitment and the trust students have in us. Discover the easy steps by which we can help with your homework.

How Much Homework Is Too Much Homework?

Knowing how much homework is too much can help you maintain your mental health while dealing with your academic performance. Sierra’s Homework Policy suggests students should not have more than ten minutes of homework every night and a maximum of fifty minutes per term. This isn’t set in stone but serves as a guide. It’s clear that overloading yourself doesn’t equate to increased understanding or even improved skills but can cause unnecessary stress and potentially lead to depression.

Interestingly, the impact of homework can vary depending on your socioeconomic status. Research indicates that students from higher-income families may show improved academic skills with more homework. Conversely, disadvantaged children seem to find their academic performance remains unaffected by homework, perhaps due to the additional stress and inability to get help with homework. Transform your study sessions with our guide on how to make homework fun and boost your grades in five easy steps.

Beyond academic outcomes, the picture of homework’s true impact unfolds only if we consider other parameters. Homework has benefits apart from just improving academic skills, especially for high school students. These benefits include building responsibility, time management skills, and persistence. It also increases parental involvement in their kids’ education.

So, if you are often heard saying ‘help with my homework’, ask yourself if it’s time to set some boundaries in your study regime. Remember, homework is a tool for learning and personal development. It should never lead to undue stress or hamper your mental health. Use it wisely to your benefit. The trick is to find a balance that works best for you.

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