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Different Challenges Faced by Students While Doing Homework

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By Phillip L'Hoette
16 Jun, 2016

Challenges Faced by Students While Doing Homework

Problems or challenges or troubles are an inevitable part of life. From the moment you are born till the day you die, you are bound to face on thing or the other. However, problems make you strong and drive you to do better.
One major concern in the life of a student whether he is in school or in college is Homework/assignment. Homework is necessary yet one of the most time taking tasks. This is because it requires a lot of research and hard work. Sometimes, students have to go way out their course materials to find an answer.

Homework be banned?

This is why there has been a long debate as to whether homework should be banned from schools.
Pro ban supporters believe that homework has a negative impact on a student.

  • Instead of playing outside, students are compelled to stay indoors to do their homework.
  • Too much homework also causes stress and lowering of the morale.
  • They begin losing confidence and overall growth is affected.

Pro Homework supporters show a different side of the story. According to them,

  • Doing homework helps them prepare their lessons halfway which they would have to anyway study for their tests.
  • Students learn the essential thing in life – time management. Juggling time between study and play makes them more prepared in life.
  • When they successfully finish homework and get good grades, they have their confidence boosted up which helps in the overall development of the child.

Till the authorities come to a final conclusion, students will have to keep doing their homework.
This brings us to the main question, what are the problems that students face which makes them hate their homework.

Problems faced

Too much homework


There are guidelines laid by authorities on the amount of homework assigned to students of different grades. This includes 15-20minutes of homework for kindergarten children which moves to 30 minutes in third grade, 45minutes in sixth up to an hour when the student reaches high school.
If your child is having homework more than the scheduled timings, contact the school authorities. It is best when parents and teachers sit face to face in order to address this problem.

Not enough information on the homework topic

Students find themselves in deep trouble when there is not enough information on a particular topic mentioned in the textbooks.


In such cases, it is best to begin homework as early as possible. If you face this trouble, then visit the school/university library. There are so many books that you are bound to find plenty of information concerned to your topic. If there is too much to jot down, you can use the photocopy machine. If your school doesn’t have a library, make use of the public library.
You can also use the internet to get all information in one place. In fact there are plenty websites offering information based on which grade you study in.

Too much distraction/noise


This depends what kind of distraction you are having.

  • If any of your family members is watching television with a high volume, you can calmly tell them to lower it down. If it is a noisy neighbor, you can request them too. If they still don’t listen, then find a place in the house where there is less noise.
  • Better still, get up early in the morning or sit late in the night when most people are asleep.
  • If distraction is in the form of your mobile pings and notification, then better turn off the internet and keep the mobile far away from you. You can also handover your mobile to your guardian if you think you might be tempted to check your phone in between your studies.

Difficulty in coping with schoolwork and hence are unable to do homework

There could be personal reasons as well as well as other factors why the student is facing trouble.

  • Personal reasons may include difficulty in reading and learning, after effect of any trauma, chronic illness etc.
  • Other troubles may include being bullied at school, lack of support from teachers, not being able to connect with the school and its environment.


  • If you as a student are facing trouble of any form, then it is better to speak out your troubles to your closes confidant. It can be your parent or your counselor. Remember this, if you continue to suffer, you will never be able to build up self-confidence. Not only talking alleviates stress but also who knows, you may find a solution to your problems.
  • If as a parent you find your child not performing well at school, talk to them instead of reprimanding them. They could be facing learning disabilities that you may not be aware of, or they might be bullied at school. This is the time when you child needs all the support he/she can.

Lack of proper help can lead to lowering of self-esteem.

Improper Time management

Time management is the crucial thing that students have to learn when it comes to doing homework. Spending the whole evening just with your homework brings down your efficiency. Plus, you are unable to devote time for other tasks like baseball/piano practice or household chores etc. You may end up feeling frustrated and even reprimanded for not completing the chores.


Make a time table allotting time for each of the tasks including homework.

  • Keep a fixed time every day to do it.
  • If homework load is enormous, break it down to manageable portions.
  • Tick down the list of jobs done.


Doing homework all alone can be monotonous. Also, when you come face a tricky situation in a tough subject like math or economics, you may tend to waste a lot of time poring over it.


Group Study. In case of tough analytical subjects like math, it is always fun and helpful to have your friends around.

  • You can gather in the library for this purpose or team up in any one your houses.
  • If you come across any trouble, you will have your friends to discuss it over. Not only it keeps you from losing interest, it also allows you to finish homework within time.

Ups and Downs are the way of life. Instead of facing problems quietly, it is better to think out proper solutions in order to avoid the problem altogether or at least lessen its impact.

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