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What Are the Problems Faced by Students in Regards to a Specifically New Subject?

by Jun 29, 2016Assignment Help

At a point of time, everyone faces problems with studies. Sometimes it happens when students start exploring a new topic or changes their streams. Rising above these problems is also a part of their learning process. It can look like you need extra – ordinary will power to conquer these problems, but it is important that you must keep in mind that you can rise above it with the right attitude. Here you will get to know about some of the common problems students face in regards to a new subject.
Low motivation
Low motivation is considered as one of the biggest problems that you are required to tackle while studying a specific topic. It is important that you must understand the reason behind it. It is not necessary that every person has the same grounds for the little motivation.  Here are some common reasons for facing low motivation for a particular subject.

  • You are stressed and feel tried because you have many things to do.
  • You find other things more interesting than this.
  • It is annoying, and you don’t find it interesting.
  • You are not feeling well or feeling lack of sleep.
  • You are worried about dropping your grades.
  • Your teacher is very strict.
  • Many things are going on in your life and studying is not necessary at the moment.

If you can find out the reason behind your lack of motivation you can work accordingly. Knowing the proper reason will also help you in getting rid of it and on concentrating your studies completely. You can keep something like motivational quotes or things that can inspire you to do your best in whatever you are doing.
Another thing that can affect your studies is a distraction. Many things can distract you. You can find a lot of external stimuli now a day many students find it distractions while studying.  Things like phone, videogames, social media, outing, and friends are the factors that can distract you and can affect your ability to concentrate on your studies. If you find that you are unable to focus on your subject because these things are distracting you. It is the time to change.
Improving your study environment can be an easy solution for dealing with this problem. Firstly you are required to eliminate a reason for your distraction from your study area. In simple terms, you must switch off your phone, television, and the internet when you are studying. Try to limit your social life to weekends. Even if you find it’s not working, then you must try to change your study place to somewhere where you are restricted to use these things. A place like a library can be good and quite a place for exploring.
Difficulties in memorizing
A common complaint that found in every student at a point of time is difficulties in remembering what they have studied. It’s hard to memorize things when you have many subjects to study. Proper learning can help you in recollecting all information in exams. If you are struggling to remember all these information, then you can use some of the memory aids that are available to help yourself.
Don’t like the subject
Another thing that can be considered as a problem for student is that they are not enjoying the subject they are studying. There can be many reasons for your dislike for a specific topic. You may don’t like it because you find it annoying, or a pointless subject for long terms or you are not good at it.  This hatred for a subject can have a great impact on your success.
It is important that you must try to forget it for achieving your academic success. Changing your mind set can help you in overcoming this problem. You are required to see a bigger picture and know that subject fits in it. Think about the advantages of studying this topic or getting extra knowledge about something specific can also help you in resolving this problem.
Lack of resources
While studying, a new topic student faces issues of lack of resources. It can have a great impact on their education. Though it is a new subject for them if they don’t find right resources it will eventually affect their focus on the subject. The best way to resolve this issue is to talk to your teachers and ask them for the recommendation about how you can master this subject. You can also speak to you parents for getting aids like the laptop or something that can help you in your studies.
These are a few problems that every student faces at some point of time in their student life.  Are you planning on taking up a career post your studies? Check out important issues! Then the resolution mentioned in above discussion will help you.