Experts’ Opinions about Education for the Students

Nowadays, education is mandatory for every person in this society. It is the first step of making your future; this molds you into a complete person. Proper education develops the essential qualities like intelligence, judgment, feelings; sense of values, patriotism, etc. hence making us perfect human beings.From the beginning, education should be proper and should be under an expert guidance and supervision.
The duty of an expert is to assist with their personal experiences and guide their students on the right path of studies and educations, telling them what to do and what not to. Such supervision is always much more helpful to any student rather than they themselves trying to learn as novices.So for every student, an expert’s opinion is very important and useful. All students should have the patience and find time to take such wise advice. Here are some experts’ opinions which definitelybenefits students.
As you know, there are several levels of education in the society and students of each level have to work accordingly. It is evident that experts’ advice for each category of student will be correspondingly different.

For primary education
Primary education is the first level of education and is indispensable for advancing any further in academic fields.

  • Wise teachers say that the schools offering primary educationmust have small classrooms and ample opportunities for children to play.Besides this, according to most of the physicians, playground activities also make you healthy and fit.
  • The students should not have much pressure of studies at this level.
  • For kindergarten children, teaching should be fun.Remember, James Howell said ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!’ And nobody wants to start their life as a ‘dull’ student.

For elementary and high school education
When you come to elementary school level, your responsibilities about studies are increased a bit. So you have to concentrate more and more on studying than playing as you get promoted to higher standards.

  • Expert teachers of this level tell that extreme care is to be takenin this period by the students and also by the teachers as their futures beginto mold here.
  • Students those who are weak in studies should be aided with care and stronger ones should be well appreciated by their teachers.
  • The growing senses of individuality, dignity and judgments in the students must be respected and sensibly molded. Here teachers and other experts play a significant role.
  • The students should be made accustomed with the importance of education and taught efficiently so that they find it interesting.

“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.”- Gail Godwin

  • Efficient teachers should be appointed at this level who can answer the questions and solve all the queries and doubts of the studentsto satisfy them.A teacher’s motivations at this level guide a student to choose the right career for them.

Every student has their own passion of study and interest. Nobody else has any right to impose their decisions on the student. A student should be allowed tofollow their heart and choose their career accordingly.It should also be kept in mind that aggression and arrogance are common behaviors in adolescent students, and their parents and teachers must find ways to tackle this wisely and patiently.
For higher education
When you get involved in higher education, then it is high time to become really serious about studies. Although your capabilities of judging and learning are quite developed at this stage, yetwise advices are widely needed as learning gets tougher. It is better that you get rid of all other involvements and give full time to study. Always try to follow the instructions and advice of your professors.

All of this may seem depressing and tough, but if you work hard and smart enough and listen to your teachers, thenyou can succeed in your higher education with a prosperous career.
“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”- Stephen Hawkins
This is the underlying perception of education and the one who perceives this only become a true learner. Always remember that your teachers, professors and other experts are there to show you the right path.

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