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What Are the Primary Challenges Faced by Students in Doing Their Homework and How to Relieve Them

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

Education is one of the most important aspects that is required for the true growth of an individual. The manner in which a particular person receives his education, the factors that he takes within his mind, the facets that he incorporates within his regular lifestyle makes that person complete.

However, this whole process begins right at the childhood, and homework quite incidentally happens to be one of the primary factors that helps in this incorporation. The primary reason for which a child is given homework is to make sure that his knowledge levels reach optimum. Yet, at times, certain issues do not allow it to function in the correct manner. It is important that these issues are addressed and solved.

How to make best use of homework?

From time immemorial, homework has been given to students to recapitulate whatever knowledge has been garnered in class. In fact, that is what I have personally made sure my child does regularly. However, there are times, when this whole process can get quite frustrating.

It is not because it in itself is a tiring process, if not guided correctly, rather, the expectations that children have to face be it of teachers or parents, derogate their mental standards, and work in a negative manner for them.

As a mode of recap, homework should just be doing its function. However, due to lack of a proper study plan, the primary function of homework does not reach its zenith. Hence, students have to face extreme pressure, in the name of recapitulation, and the end result is also not worth it. Now the question comes, as to what are the primary challenges that are faced by students, and how they can tackle them.

Major challenges faced by students:

As a mother, who was quite interested in my child’s progress, I had to face a lot of issues regarding my child’s lack of progress in school. In spite of submitting projects on times, completing his homework and getting a good score, his overall performance as a student was derogating. That is when I found out that his homework was not up to the mark, and the whole procedure of his studying was merely for temporary retention and not complete recap mode.

It is then that main challenges of homework came to my mind.

  • Not paying proper attention in class:

Since homework is mode of recap, so, it is very important that a student pays attention in class, to grasp exactly what is being taught. Once, this comes within grasp, and then completing homework can become comparatively easier. However, in present times, both quality of teachers and teaching process have derogated to a great extent. This is the reason, which is why; students do not tend to pay much attention in class, which is why they face a problem at home.

  • Not getting proper teachers:

This is the most important issue in present educational system. Not understanding proper content, results in lack in that topic, which is why doing homework can become a huge challenge for students. Thus, students actually do not have any conceptual aspects to recap. Thus, homework becomes a tiring job for them.

  • Lack of proper material:

There are certain topics that require more materials in comparison to other topics. These subjects have a lot of research work to be done, before any homework can be deemed to be completed. In most cases, this material is not available, which is the reason as to why students face major challenge in completing their work. Hence, on an overall note, students lack interest in completing their work with diligence and within time.

  • A proper standard of homework:

In complete contrast to actual purpose of homework, in present times, it has simply become a mode of pressurizing students in completing the syllabus. This lack in proper educational planning is one of the major reasons that is making students lose interest in the whole concept of recapitulation and staying ahead in class.

Thus, on an overall note, due to this variety of reasons students are losing out on the importance of homework, and not being able to take up positive aspects from this exercise. Hence, it is important that as a mother, I suggest some steps that would help in relieving the students and helping them take education in a positive manner.

Steps to help students in this process:

  • Making a proper educational plan:

This is the most important aspect that is to be taken into consideration. This has to be done in the proper manner by the concerned school authority, and for the benefit of students. This proper planning will help in correct division of classwork, homework and assignments. It will help students in getting correct education and reduce their issues related to homework.

  • Getting proper teachers:

This is the responsibility of schools, to get teachers who are interested in getting new teaching techniques for students. This will help students in getting more interest in class, and take up this whole recapitulation procedure much lightly than normal terms.

  • Planning a proper homework routine for students:

The school must take special care of the fact that homework for students should be limited at a certain level.  This should be planned in such a manner that students can derive maximum benefit out of the homework schedule. Thus, it is important that with a joint council of psychiatrists, teachers and parents, a proper technique be formed. The primary function of homework is to impart proper education and thereby make sure that students benefit in the long run.

  • Giving ample breaks to students:

This is another important factor that is to be practiced by parents. Within the homework timing, students should be given little breaks by students to help them get refreshed. This will divert their mind to a certain extent and give them more energy to concentrate and do their homework well.

Thus, as a guardian of a little child of present times, these are certain measures that I can suggest as part of the homework relieving procedure for students. In case you have any further queries or suggestions, do make it a point to reach out to us!