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What are the Factors That Can Make a Student Smart?

by Nov 22, 2015Assignment Help

The best phase of a person’s life is surely the student life. It is that stage of life where you are pardoned for every mistake you make, life keeps on showering on you with ample opportunities. And it is a point in life when you explore the various vibes and dimensions of life. When you are surrounded with no responsibilities, you tend to spread your wings and touch the sky.

Although it’s a universal truth that there exists no termination of learning, yet student life is a period during which one moulds oneself, discovers one’s calling and rises to shine as the best star. You must surf through top reasons of sudden downfall of students’ enthusiasm at college level. This shall of real help to you.

One must definitely focus on constructing one’s personality in this tender age, and given below are a few areas, focusing on which can let you emerge out of your cocoon. Post reading this article and assimilating the realities of the same, you can ensure that you will be a better person. Let us now shift our emphasis on certain such factors following which you shall soon fly colours.

1. Love What You Do

The co-founder of Apple Inc. is believed to have said these words-“Love whatever you do. If you haven’t started to, then please do not settle, go on till you do”.

Yes, once you commence loving your work, it reciprocates too. Consequently you are able to bring out the best in you. Now a question shall pop in your mind-how? It may seem easy to say but difficult to implement, but actually not so. Let us take up a subject say history. More than 90% of students shall prefer to keep the history book decked in shelf rather than mug up the boring incidents. Let us spice up the history lessons, by invoking our imaginative part of the brain rather than the part concerned with memory. While we browse through the monotonous lessons imagine what you read. Go back to the renaissance period, be one of the reformists yourself and if possible enact the same in form of a drama or a mono act. In no time you shall fall in love with the subject. Do the same in one or the other way with every subject in hand and voila see the way it brings hues to your academic life!

2. Tough Love-Self Discipline

A phrase ‘tough love’ has been adopted from the best-selling book entitled ‘Who will cry when you die’. Basically it implies that tougher you become with yourself; the more you are loving yourself. Nothing is possible in life without discipline. Look at the world around you, the sun, the moon or the trees and plants. How about a day when the sun proclaims that it is too lazy to raise or when the plant decides that it shall not reap this season, a very equilibrium of nature shall be disturbed and we shall in turn end up living in Dark Age. Is it something to which we can comply? Obviously no. so, being the most intelligent creation of Mother Nature, why not incorporates a little self-discipline in our lives. It shall bring about double the benefit. Then, shed off those lazy bones, and turn your passiveness into activeness.

3. Learn To Go A Little Beyond

Anyone can procure success. But excellence is achieved by only those who possess the courage to go an extra mile. A biggest blessing of this century is the internet. It is truly the mitochondria of knowledge. When the projects and assignment of biology seem farce, the solution is a click away. I guarantee this fact, from my own experience. Last year in college I was given an assignment to do, and the subject provided was Zener diode. I wanted to give my best to it, and wanted to secure the top grades for it. Our text books do have some limitations as they cannot talk to us. It was internet that came to my help. There are many a sites that offer wonderful assistance. And the funniest part is if I hadn’t referred online, I would have known that diodes are small in size. And the best part is my project was announced as the best in the entire class and I have been selected to represent my college in this year’s fest. All was achieved because I had travelled an extra mile and I am always grateful to the internet for the same. Websites of myhomeworkhelp and 24×7 Assignment Help are truly of substantial help.

4. Learn To Manage Your Time Judiciously

Yes as described by poet H W Longfellow, life is nothing but the funeral procession of a person. Each passing moment marks the consumption our life. So it must be ensured that we make the most possible use of that. Don’t we lick the last morsel of delicious dishes? Similarly just make the best of this sojourn on earth. Remember time waste is life waste. If you have seven or eight subject, make a time table wherein you can allot your time to each of these subjects and stick to it. This is the best way of using your time. Keep a to-do list and blindly follow it. This shall also keep a check on the vagabond mind that loves to wander.

Keep Your Body Healthy And Find Time For Recreation

5. We must keep in mind two facts:

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Sports and other physical activities are not just important for the body but are also essential for rejuvenating the mind. Recreational undertakings help refreshing the monotonous rhythm of the mind. It also nurtures some of the finest qualities in us. Playing any game as a team shall cultivate qualities like team spirit. You never know it might from these games that the leader in you emerges out. And at the same time the physical activities helps you bid adieu to every possible health issue and keeps you lively all day long. And thus you become more receptive to the topics you learn and activate your life as a smart student.

These are steps mentioned above are like balms that shall ache your pain and shall boost up your life. It will without any doubt help you bring out the talent in you. Soon you shall find yourself shining and darting shafts of lights of knowledge.