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Top Reasons of Sudden Downfall of STUDENTS’ Enthusiasm at College Level

By Sarah J Mitchell
22 Nov, 2015

It is very saddening to discover that students these days lack enthusiasm, especially at college level. Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizen, and if they are devoid of the vigour and motivation of living life, then the very future of a nation is at stake. It is an issue which if not handled with proper care can prove become an amplified concern. In order to effectively devise any solution of a problem, one must first find and analyse the causes of the same. Suppose a person is diagnosed with some fatal disease, then the doctors seek to understand the cause before prescribing any treatment.

Here also we shall try and enlist the reasons for the downfall of students at college level.

1. Lack Of Motivation

For most students going to college is basically a step prior to reception of their degree. Hardly anyone views the place as a centre of knowledge. And to some it happens to be a place where they can spend the best part of life. Apparently they believe that they are given immense freedom, and it is their sole duty to discover and try new routes of life. In such attempts they forget the purpose of their life, and even something end up wasting their talents. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, we all must have come across this proverb. And it actually tells us that if you find yourself deficient of impetus, then just grab hold of personality development book, or google the same to find a solution to it.

2. A Deadly Habit Procrastination

In this context let me narrate you the story of Raymond’s. One day when Raymond returned from college, he was completely aware that the next day was last day for submitting his physics assignment. He thought he would watch a little of television for his favourite show was on air then. After the show, he thought he would play a bit of video game. He dragged the game for a while as he had lost the first few rounds. Soon it was time for dinner. While having his dinner he received a message from his girlfriend who had asked him to come on video chat. In no time, Raymond got so busy with his girlfriend over the video call that he didn’t have any time to even think of his physics project. The next day all but Raymond had submitted the homework.

So friends why do you think this happened with Raymond? The answer is procrastination. He had been doing it so much that eventually it became his habit. You must once leaf through what are the factors that can make a student smart?
3. Cannot Develop A Love For Your Course

Now day’s students don’t ponder or struggle to find out what they want. They follow a crowd. It is shocking to discover this in as developed a country as USA. What choice is being made by majority, they accept that as their choice. Let me cite you an example from a page of my own life. When it was my time to make a choice for graduation, all my friends had opted for engineering and had told me that pursuing the same shall ensure security. I halted to reflect about the same. I knew although I had good grades, that was not my calling. I decided to go with my chose and chose to study English literature. Today I am a more satisfied person than my friends are. More than 90% of the people shall decide to go with the flow rather than synchronise with their own passion. Eventually end up disliking what they are pursuing, bringing about their own downfall.

4. Too Much Pressure To Handle

This is indeed true and in such cases the students are nowhere to be blamed. Sometimes the professors give the students really tough assignments and the time span for completion of the same is too short as well. Such situations are difficult for an average student to handle. This is where students must make the best use of internet. There are many excellent tutorials available which shall help in building a correct understanding of the subject. This shall eventually ease the task of completing the assignment on time. A friend of mine too was facing this kind of trouble, and he embarked on taking assistance from online sources. There are many sites that shall come to your rescue; my homework help and 24×7 Assignment Help are but the prominent ones to name. He had shared with me the wonderful experience of a new level of learning.

5. Not Rewarded Appositely

When students don’t receive any form of appreciation for their work, they tend to lose confidence in themselves. Eventually their diving force shall get dissolved in deep despair. This is one of the major reasons for the lack of enthusiasm of students. Maslow’s theory has convincingly described the importance of rewarding. It acts as supplement to the toiling brain. The lack of which shall cause the wear and tear of the hardworking student. It has been rightly said that a genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. The absence of that push from the part of teacher or parents shall make huge difference in the performance of the students. The students on the other hand can foster a habit of self-reward. Set targets for yourself and reward yourself on accomplishment of the same.

6. Too Much Of Distraction All Around

And yes this is actually a major delinquent to tackle with. These days students have many things to do but studies. We have virtual friends to chill out with, we have new video games to try out at, and what not. The student must learn to control the flicking mind and drag it back to the course one is dogging.

So, we see have breezed through some of the causes that bring about the collapse of students in college. Enthusiasm is the oxygen of a person’s life. Nothing is possible without zeal. We must toil hard to feed this zeal, for that you will have to start loving learning. And for that just mould it the way you want. But just do it.