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What Are Few Good Places to Do Homework?

By Phillip L'Hoette
20 Apr, 2017
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Homework is not easy for most of us. Few tips and ways to make it a happy activity are mentioned in this article. Hope you enjoy!

We condemn the regular educational system. Yet, we all study to score well. The biggest challenge faced by most of us is writing homework and submitting assignments on time. Though, if we, as students understand and accept that it learning, this has to be tamed well.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, then read again. I am not going to talk about what and how smart you should study, I am going to give to tips on how about and where to study for maximum results.

Good Places to Do Homework

Good places to do homework are the same places which are good for your emotional health. If you enter a room, and you feel depressed all of a sudden, then it is not a good place to do homework.

Good places to do homework have ample sunlight. Yes, you might hate the sunshine falling all over your place; however, your study room will only appear desirable if it is well ventilated and airy.

Good places to do homework will offer solitude. If your study room is in the corner of the house, then you are one lucky being. It will keep you away from the routine chores and noises that are bothersome. Remember, hearing clothes being washed and dishwasher being loaded will never inspire you mentally. If your room is in the middle of the house, then negotiate for one in the corner.

Good places to do homework will have comfortable furniture like a sturdy study table, a nice, cosy study chair, a separate pull out to adjust or keep the table lamp, and well-lit surroundings.

Keep hygiene in mind. Good places to do homework are always neat and tidy as well. Make a schedule, fix it on the wall, and arrange your books accordingly. This will save a lot of time and energy.

Modes of entertainment should not be in the vicinity. A music player, television, etc., are considered to boost learning, however, they can also be distractions. So, avoid having them around.

Good places to do homework will have ample of switches to ensure that your laptop never runs out of charge. Ever!

Colours of the wall of your study room should be bright or light. Consider colours like, Teal, Pale yellow instead of browns, blues and greys.

Try to have as many partitions or compartments as possible. Good places to do homeworkdo not ask for much running. It is imperative that everything that you need while studying is placed properly and safely.

Good places to do homework should have a couch so that you can take a power nap, and then get back to studying.

Apart from these physical attributes, you can also consider the following points:

  • Try to understand your biological clock. If you can study well during early morning hours, then, get up early and study accordingly.
  • You can also choose your favourite outdoor spot for studying effectively. Some students love to study sitting next to a river, lake or sea, and some prefer walking down for an hour and then reading in peace.
  • It is also important that you first understand any concept, and then get on to cracking your assignment or homework.
  • Remember, the mind can either worry or perform, choose how you want to utilise your mind.
  • Get yourself a “printable homework planner” so that you do not miss out any of the subjects.
  • Do not starve for anything. Eat well, in smaller quantities and at regular intervals to perform your homework efficiently.
  • Stay away from people who want to humiliate for anything. They are burdens, and the best you can do is avoid them at every cost.
  • Do NOT delay your homework; it should be the first thing in your ‘MUST DO’ list.
  • Keep everyone informed and aware of your schedule, study habits and routine.
  • Though it is important to keep negativity at bay, take feedback from parents, well-wishers, teachers and peers on a regular basis.
  • Ask questions, the only question which is stupid is the one which has never been asked.
  • Do not see homework as a burden. It is an exercise to ensure that you are able to retain the knowledge effectively.

In a nutshell, good places to do homework help you in doing full justice to your learning outcome. They also inspire you to achieve more in life, learn effectively, and manage time.

If your place of study is not helping you in either of these, then you need to change your place of studying and doing homework.

Seek help from Academicians, parents and Counsellors to see how they can help you in achieving your goals.

And yes, homework is not a punishment; it is a method to enhance your learning!

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