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Here Is Your Help Guide – Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Solution

Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers

Learning is never easy. It becomes interesting when the Teacher presents it in an interesting manner though!

With advent of Science and technology, life has become convenient and special. Right from space to kitchen, mankind has grown by leaps and bounds.

The achievements are getting bigger and better, and yes, though there is a nuclear missile hidden somewhere, there is also a ray of hope for most of us – knowledge. Technology has made it simple for everyone to learn everything, right sitting under the roof. All a person needs is an internet connection and a basic laptop.

A lot of us are not able to comprehend the speech sounds, are unable to hear what is being said, and therefore, cannot communicate effectively using the regular modes of communication.

As I say, technology has paved a simpler way for all of us.

Signing naturally helps people who are unable to hear or understand regular sounds in communicating effectively.  Sign languages are gestures, which usually resemble the action in discussion.

The course is divided into multiple units. Each unit deals with a specific topic, just as in regular text books.

Signing naturally – Unit 2 specifically deals in communicating and exchanging notes with regards to personal information like ASL (Age, Sex, location).

Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers are the answers which help in identifying a person’s hobby, place of origin and education experiences.

Here is an insight into Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers:

For Subjective questions like:

What is your name?

My name is—

Where are you from?

I am from—

What is your educational qualification?

These answers would require mouth and lip movement, as well as manual gestures.

Most of the other questions in Signing naturally Unit 2are objective.  For example-

  1. Do you like chocolate?
  2. How are you?
  3. Do you swim?
  4. Do you study?
  5. What is your age?
  6. Are you able to understand me properly?
  7. What is your favorite drink?
  8. Do you like reading?
  9. Can you add or subtract?

In Signing naturally learning, the facial expressions are extremely important. It replaces grammar.

If a question requires an answer in a yes or a no, then a mere nodding can help.

In case of open-ended or subjective questions or wh* questions, it is necessary to concentrate on other gestures as well.

wh* questions are the questions which are open ended or subjective questions, and begin with wh. What, when, why, who, whom and where

While seeking answers Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers, it is necessary to consider the following:

  1. If the answer is close ended, mere nodding in yes or no should be able to meet the purpose of the question.
  2. If it is a wh question, or a subjective question, then, facial gestures take a back seat. The focus is on the shape of the eyebrows and the movement of the hand.
  3. The last sign should be that of wh-word– what, when, why, who, whom and where
  4. The facial expressions have to be in sync with the reply. Eyebrows, chin, and eyes should be effectively able to communicate the emotion associated.

For example:

Why were you late?

The answer should be communicated with raised eyebrows, dilated pupils, expression of happiness or sadness (depending on the situation), movement of forearms and hands, and gesticulating the why sign while concluding.

Few Hygiene factors which need to be taken into account while considering Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers:

  1. Patience is the key – for the learner to understand and communicate effectively, and, for the Teacher, to ensure that the learner is able to understand, grasp and communicate well.
  2. Neither the learner nor the teacher should hesitate in asking the relevant questions. This will bridge the learning gap.
  3. The teacher, as well as the learner, should revise the notes well. For the teacher, it is important to be well aware of the subject, and for the disciple, it will ensure that the methods of communication are learned
  4. Focus more on fact finding questions instead of a yes or a no. The questions should not be personal or brutal, but interesting. Instead of saying – what is your age, you can ask how old are you? Instead of just replying in figures, the answer should be contained in the form of an entire sentence, like I am twenty-eight years old, instead of just mentioning twenty-eight.
  5. The focus should be on learning, and not on knowledge transfer. There are topics like – explain your hobbies or let’s talk about your family, which will need more time and attention. This has to be dealt with accuracy and patience.
  6. Learner should not be scared of asking, so anger and frustration should not be a part of anyone’s mental baggage.

With all these factors into consideration, you can surely get a detailed idea of the way this Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers subject is to be dealt with. All the best!