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Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Homework

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

Homework is a necessary evil in the life of a student. They cannot part with it in their school life or college life as it is inseparably mixed with the system and it is one of the major areas of negligence of a student. They just try to do away with it in the shortest possible way. The teachers are also helpless and are forced to follow a uniform style of teaching, leading to every teacher contributing in some way to the heap of their homework.
Student’s Point of View
Let us first go through the main reasons which students have considered before doing their piece of homework, which makes them stay away from completing them on time.
Their main thinking points are:

  • The students often lack courage and self-confidence and consider them incapable of completing the piece of homework alone. So they stay away from them without even giving a try.
  • Not able to accept their defeat in the fact that they are made to work even at home and doing a task at home, which is given at school is beyond their level of acceptance.
  • Owing to the versatility of every subject thataretaught to an engineering student, they often tend to lose interest and often the subject loses luster for them. This leads to their inattentiveness in the class which eventually leads to losing interest in doing their home works on time.
  • Students in their school life admitted to home tutors for every subject who instead of helping the student with their school home works, work to complete their remaining syllabus and also assigns their own task to the students, which they force to complete on time and there begins a battle on which work to complete first- the school or the home tutor.
  • It is very much unfair on the part of a student to manage each and every work they are assigned to complete on time as they are always burdened with the never ending syllabus which they are made to complete in a stipulated time and are also expected to secure good marks in every subject.

I would like to elaborate more on the point of home tutors, which is seen to be much more prevalent among this generation. They are meant to reduce your work load and not increase them. Myself being a sufferer, I would like to advise my juniors not to tread on the same path.Looking on the present education system, it’s not always advantageous to take home tutors for every subject.
The parents often get too much concerned about their child, especially in the cases when it is their only child. They assign a single home tutor for every subject and they personally visit the centers to take views on the progress of their ward. These centers are often found to go against the prevailing system and try to overpower their pupils in following their own pattern of learning. These often cause a negative effect on the young minds who finds it really hard to bear with the pressure.
Call for Innovation
The students are currently losing interest in the present education system and are looking forward to some innovative techniques of learning. The education system should be made more online with wider access to all kinds of resources. Instruments like projectors should be used for a visual demonstration of the problems in order to let the students undertstand the problem better.
Some tips which can be Followed
There are multiple organizations which are currently working for the welfare of the students and are trying to provide them with some kind of relief out of the crisis situation which they are currently putting under. But for the present time there is no way but doing their work sincerely and always follow the deadline. There are certain ideas which can be incorporated in their schedule which will let them to manage homework schedule quite efficiently and make them look quite easy.
The general tips that can be followed are:

  • Always be up to date with the current work that is being done in class as it comes very handy while doing any kind of homework as they are mostly given on the topics that are covered or discussed in the class.
  • Maintain a healthy relation with your teachers and faculty staff in order to get their help whenever you need as they can come to great help in all kinds of school matters and can even let you pass with even skipping a part of the work to be done. Although it is not advisable, but can be done.
  • Do not carry your homeworks to your home. Follow the rule that homework is the work that is not to be done at home, instead complete it at school itself. Sit with your co-mates and sort out the answers for every question which can be given a fair look at home. This saves a lot of time at home and permits you to focus on other important matters of concern.
  • Collect the notes and study materials from your seniors and take their suggestion on the thought process of a particular teacher or professor and what they particularly demand or look for in their given works. They can be really helpful as they are the seasoned customers.
  • Be sincere yourself as there is no shortcut to success. There is no alternative to hard work and perseverance. Start your job from day one and do not wait till the last day to finish your task. Always be on the move and ready to accept any kind of challenge you are made to put under.

Duty of the Professor
It is always the duty of the student to clear away all their doubts in the class itself and don’t manifest and carry them home as they can be a serious issue later on. It is also the duty of the professor or the teacher to see that every topic is elaborately explained and that none of their students leave the class with any kind of doubt still creeping into their mind. They are the best judge and can easily recognize if a student is listening or his mind is deviated by looking at his body language and flutter of his eyes.
Present Scenario
In today’s scenario, it Is high time for everyone to be serious and be thoughtful about their future. It is the generation of automation where there is tough competition in every field. You have to work hard to prove yourself and stay alive in their competition. Be sincere from now onwards in order to secure yourself a bright future.
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