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Ways in Which You Can Make Through Your Boring University Assignments

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

The present education system has grown much older and lackluster and there is much need of a change in the system to be brought in. Students and often the teachers get bored of this present system and feel like complaining, but then again on second thought, they keep continuing with this present system thinking it’s only a few years that remain for them to be in this system.
But keeping in mind of the future generations to come, there is much need of a strong voice of protest that would stand upfront and call for a much needed change.
Call for a Change
There have been many years since the introduction of this present education system. Many years have passed in between. The system of giving home works and assigning assignments to do at their homes has been used since time immemorial. The student fraternity has grown tired of this and are looking forward to a much needed change.
But at this present moment, they are not getting any light of hope and so are devising shortcuts and easy procedures for carrying out their task. This is ruining not only the administration system, but also firing anger among the youth. So, there is always a call for a change.
Possible Solution
The big question that arises now among everybody is that who can bring this change? Well, the greatest strength of the people is unity. The possible ray of hope is through people coming from all societies, giving their views and then drawing possible conclusion thinking on the benefits of every individual, especially the students. It calls for the views of all kinds of people, starting from the highly educated society to the suffering students who want a change to be brought in.
Adjustment to be made
The victims of the present system are no one else but our own students who are made to suffer in many ways. There is no other way left for them but to adjust themselves to this present hippo critic education system. They need to bring a change in their studying habits and be more serious in all the matters they do. They need to extend their study hours and curtail the happy hours they spend with their families at home or with their friends.
In this cruel world where there is tough competition in every field, they need to be more career-sensitive and think of their upcoming future in the long run.
Level of University Assignments
University assignments are considered to be much boring by the present day youth. They no longer find the zeal and enthusiasm in doing them, which they find in doing all other activities. They seem to take away the fun and frolic from their life.
They are quite monotonous because of the following reasons:

  • same topics

Year after year the same topics are given for assignment as the same syllabus or curriculum is followed by a university for years. So we can see a lack of the much needed versatility.

  • Lack of interest

There is a lack in the interest for doing useful projects which will be beneficial in the long run and there is more stress on the assignments which ultimately comes to no use.

  • Monotonousness

In the life cycle of an engineer for 4 years, there are almost 50 subjects and atleast 2 assignment is given in every subject. So it is quite obvious that it will become monotonous to an engineering student.

  • Shot time span

The assignments with a short time span and often before the exams with the sole idea to prepare the student through this process but it turns out the opposite way. It leads to a shift of focus from the mainstream and also a reduction in the quality of the assignment submitted.

  • No relation between semesterwise syllabus

The task becomes even more frustrating if the topic has no kind of relation to the present syllabus of any university. It puts extra pressure on a student who has to conduct extra research on the matter and gather knowledge which is done only for the sake of marks. It has no real gain in the long run.
The five golden ways
We as students are always in search of a shortcut in whatever we do due to the extreme pressure we are put under throughout the academic year, be it be assignments, projects, homeworks, midterms, and end terms etc… But we must also keep in mind that in order to be successful in the long run we must leave our hurdle and face everything be it be the toughest way out.
Specially an engineering student is seasoned to face all kinds of situations and get their way out of every crisis situation.
Here are some procedures which you might follow as it helped me secure my goal and has guided me all the way out:

  1. Relationship with professors and techers

We as students know very well that the system of “oiling” works at every level and in any system. So it is very much essential to maintain a healthy relation with your professors and teachers in order to secure a suited an easy topic for yourself which will help you to carry it out and complete it smoothly before time.

  1. Divide works between group members

Divide the work to be done carefully among your group members and assign each a deadline for their particular work. The job for each should be assigned keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses as one cannot be strong on all the topics. A healthy division will shorten the duration of carrying out an assignment to a much greater extent.

  1. Start work from first day

Start your work from day 1 itself as it is very much foolish a plan to keep your entire job at stake till the last date of submission. Sit with your team members and plan your job and design the blueprint before starting on with any project as an unplanned start can lead to greater delay in the process of carrying out the project.

  1. Clear confusion from teachers

Never hesitate to consult your teachers on any kind of assistance you need on any of the subject matters before you go astray on your given topic as time is very much essential in these matters. Correcting a half done job and starting it from the beginning takes a lot of time and calls for much patience.

  1. Consult with seniors

The fifth most important tip that I would like to give you is that never feel undermined in consulting any of your senior. They can be the best help in any kind of trouble situation because they are the seasoned companions and know how to react in what situation.They have got all the notes and key suggestions which will help you in every way. Do always keep a good relation with your seniors.
Personal Experience
Speaking from my personal experience, I would say that in no way one can make his or her assignment interesting. Yes, it can be made easy, but never be interesting as the present system does not allow to be so. You have to give a lot of pain in order to get your work done. I would always advise you to keep in touch with your seniors as they can act as the best guide as per as the assignment point of view. They know the needs and requirements of every professor and will almost give a framework of the work to be done.
Final Advice
The shortcuts are always tempting to follow them, but it is always advisable not to get tempted by them. Do always stick to the correct path and use your conscience. It is your life and you are your own judge and it will be you who will have to take the final blame of any fault that occurs. The seniors are often very helpful, but some may be misguiding. It is your responsibility to always remain cautious. For more help, you can go through “ways to efficiently manage your homework” and get a possible solution to your everyday problem.