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How Students of Chemical Engineering Can Succeed in Completing Their University Assignments?

by Sep 17, 2016Chemical Engineering

Trying to complete that assignment you have been assigned on thermodynamics? Are you a student pursuing chemical engineering and tired and overburdened with tons of project work and assignments? Want to get through that entire lot of assignment in a week?
Well, that might be being a bit overambitious but doable. Students who pursue chemical engineering have a tough life. The stream in itself is really tough and not to mention the amount of lab work and assignments they are assigned on a daily basis. Moreover, these assignments are not exactly short and take pages to be completed.
So, the life of a chemical engineering student predominantly revolves around assignments which are often not completed. So, if you are one of those students wondering how is it remotely possibly to complete and submit all those assignments delegated, then do not worry.
Stated below are the solutions which will solve your problems, albeit, if you follow them. Get done with your assignments and lab work and keep up your grades as well!

  • Select the appropriate time

It is understandable that your life at the university is pretty busy. You have new friends to make, new parties to attend to, sororities to go to, and an ‘n’ number of things will keep you busy. And when life’s so interesting, who has any time for boring assignments on chemical engineering? Well, despite your busy life, you have to carve out some time to complete it.
Put aside maybe an hour or two daily for assignments and then it won’t keep piling up. Moreover, you won’t feel guilty later as well because you can party harder knowing the fact that you are working on your assignments.

  • Get your equations right

The biggest and important part of your subject is remembering the equations. Equations are absolutely integral to your course and you need to know them by heart, the basic ones at least. Pore over your books occasionally and try and memorize the new equations that you are studying. This not only saves you truckload of time before your semester exams but also allows you to complete your assignments fully and fast.
So, study hard at it and devote some to it in order to memorize it.

  • Don’t ignore the fun

While studying and working on assignments is good, you obviously shouldn’t be busy with it at all times. Take some time out and go out and interact with other people. Sure, grades matter but so do conversations with others. Get some experience on and if there’s a party do attend! You can obviously assign those assignments to someone else.
There are a number of professional websites online, available that completes such assignments. They work for university students as well. They explain any topic you have a problem with and even work on your assignments on your behalf, if you do not want to do it on your own. So for once, party hard and let someone else do it for you!
Most students don’t read the material provided before they start working on an assignment. This is well reflected in the assignments they submit. When you are writing an assignment for chemical engineering, say, for example, on fluid flow, then it is imperative that you at least read the book. You need to understand the mechanics of it; the physical properties of fluids, their flow rules, solve the problems related to pipe and solve using basic equations.
Research as much as you can about the topic before you start down to write an assignment on it in order to grasp the basic concept and solve anything related to it.
Ponder over the question
What many students don’t go over is the question. They either fail to comprehend what is being asked of them in the assignment, or they simply don’t bother to study the questions, and instead right a generalized answer accordingly.
Read the question thoroughly and see what it is asking. Check what the topic is about and then see what it means. Also, check what it is asking you to do. Look for words like ‘analyse’ ‘compare’ and so on.  Look for words which restrict the question and you answer to a specific topic or to some specific element.
Also, look for any additional information which you might need to get done with the assignment.
Brainstorm ideas
Once you have understood what it is about, it is time to jot down your ideas. In order to do so, you need to answer the 5Ws. It means, who, what, why, where, when and how. As and when you get answers to these questions, write it down so that you do not forget it. Structure it out and plan how you are going to write the answer.
Draft an outline
Once you know what relevant details you will be putting in your answer, you need to have an idea about how you are going to do it. Draft a basic outline of the answer and keep an introduction, description and a conclusion. Think about what you will be inserting in each of these and how you are going to write it.
As stated before reading and researching about the topic you would be writing about gets well reflected in your assignments. If you insert verifiable information from your research work, your professors will be impressed and might even reward you with some extra marks.
Write it down
Once you have accumulated all the information, it is time to write it done. Write it in accordance to the draft you have created. While the introduction and the conclusion constitute about 10% each of the entire assignment, the description should consist of at least 80% of information. Your conclusion should be well written and should reflect the results of your lab work, if any.  Fill it with relevant details and nay critical material that you want to include.
However, if there’s a word limit, be careful to follow it as sometimes professors do penalise students for using extra words.
So, go ahead, enjoy your parties and socialising days while you invest some time on your assignments on chemical engineeringis well and submit it right on time. So go ahead and start working on it now!
‘Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.’