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Ways and Means to Deal with Brain Storming Physics Assignment

by Jun 21, 2016Physics

Charm of Physics:
For any student, be it a topper or an average level one, physics is always one of the subjects which intrigue everyone in such a way which no other topic or subject can ever achieve. When someone explains something related to physical science in layman words, then those facts come nothing short of fairy tales and magical stories. Physics is truly an interesting subject for all – revealing truths and mysteries of nature hidden away in plain sight. One just needs to look a tad bit deeper and with an entirely different perspective in order to capture those beautiful things.
The Plight of a Common Student:
Phew! That was truly mesmerizing – physics in play! But what most students DO NOT find magical is the home works and assignments that come tagged along with this subject – as with any other subjects. Even teachers, professors and lecturers of physics too accept that yes, physics is quite complicated. Thus begins the plight of the ordinary student who not only has to cope with physics but with a lot of other subjects as well as a part of their curriculum.
Fascination and Burden:
The main problem which bothers students nowadays is the reaction of their parents and teachers if they fail to turn out well in any subject for that matter. Now physics, being a bit complicated, has a high chance of not fetching as good marks as other subjects. Thus starts the tantrum at home once the marks are revealed. Parents have to understand the limits of their children. If they are not fascinated by a subject like physics, they cannot fare well in it and chances of getting fascinated vary from person to person.
I, for example, was fascinated to know about friction and gravitation at play as they answered many of my childhood queries. My brother, on the other hand preferred arts and paintings to be his choice of fascination.
Handling Pressure of Brain Storming Assignments:
Homework of any kind is a pressure on the minds of children. Even if I do not recommend theoretical problems to be given as a part of brain storming physics assignments, still is the custom of the schools and institutions to do so. One cannot simply deny the importance these assignments carry even if he is against it. So, it is absolutely necessary for every student to carry out his assignments regularly.
It has been often seen that children tend to skip homework or are forced by parents and teachers to do so. This has negative effects. The pressure of homework and assignment is something one cannot overlook. Thus, it becomes the duty of parents to teach their children to handle pressure when it comes to solving assignments.
Students – Do Not Be Afraid:
When you find yourself in a physics class, first thing many of you do is panic. Panic destroys all the foundations of you ever becoming successful in that class. Do not panic. It is absolutely necessary to stay calm and focused. Keep a few things in mind. You have not been put in this class as a part of a plot against you. The institution had faith in you that you could excel and thus put you here. Also, you may not be as bad as you think. There might be someone like, arts major who is sitting in this class just to obtain the requirement. So you see, you cannot simply fail or be a loser!
Ways to Tackle:

  • Living with Physics:

You have to accept it – physics is life. And there is nothing to be afraid of life. You have to see to it that physics makes your day. You have to give every incident a different point of view and explain it according to physics. If one frame of explanation fails, try another. You have to think about the subject all the time. Utilize your free time thinking about those problems which are nagging at you. Remember how Newton discovered gravity? You would be surprised to find how productive your mind can become at unexpected times when you channel all your energy and dedication into one objective.

  • Practice, Practice and More Practice!

Practice makes anything perfect. Nothing gets created in a flawless avatar in one go. It requires hours, even days, months and years of practice. Even if you are looking for best online essay writing tips to hike up your English literature skills, you will see that the most important tip is to practice. Same is the case with physics assignments, you should always practice.
See to it that all your assignments are done over two or three times. This is not boring. Try to enjoy doing the same sums – you already know the answer and the method so what’s the harm in doing it again? Once you feel confident, try not to look at the answer key and solve. When you excel it, nothing can stop you in tests.

  • Get Your Basics Correct:

Physics is one such subject which involves understanding basic principles underlying each and every problem. Never miss a class. You may not get another chance at understanding those portions and getting to clear your doubts. If basics are solid then you rock; if not, even Einstein cannot help you.

  • Studying in Groups:

Group studies are an important aspect of learning a subject such as physics. Well, if renowned physicists from across the world could meet together and discuss problems regarding physics, why can’t you and you friends – budding physicist so as to speak of – meet and study in groups? Group studies can throw light on problems from many different perspectives, some of which may end up in solving problems in a better way than ones given in the book.
Some Useful Tips:

  • Get hold of a peaceful place to study. A clear workspace lets you work with a clear mind. Ambience affects your work and nothing can be favorable to physics assignments as a clear space for studying.
  • Go through the text if you have problems with the basic underlying principles. If you have any doubt, catch up with your teacher by the latest possible. Don’t stack up your problems – you will end up making the situation worse.
  • Formula charts are an essential trick, the usefulness of which many students fail to comprehend. After going through a chapter and before starting to solve assignments, prepare a formula chart in a separate copy. It will come in handy.

It is better not to ignore a subject like physics. First thing is, you should respect it and second thing, don’t be afraid of it. If you dedicate yourself to physics and know how to put the above advice to good use, then physics will reward you well.