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What Teachers, Students and Parents Are Saying About Homework Challenges?

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

 It every parents wish to see their kids excellence in academic field. But for that the kids should be taught to excel, by conquering the teething troubles. Unfortunately none of us are gifted with Harry Potter’s magic wand, whose one swing will help us finish our works.it is actually a habit that is nurtured over period of time. Two important qualities are needed in this context, first being consistency and second is faith. Remember “faith can move mountains”.  It is a dual task from the guardian’s point of view, as on the one hand they got to take care of their kids sensitive nature and on the other hand the have to have a different approach towards the coursework.
Just as a cone is cut through different cross sections and when viewed through various angles gives one three entirely new concepts- parabola, hyperbola, and ellipse. Similarly, we begin our scrutiny by analysing homework from three cross sections- students, parents and teachers.
How teachers view it?

For teachers homework is a yardstick, they make it a checkpoint to ensure that students are under discipline. They find the following advantages in it:

  • It is a connecting connexion between teachers and students. There has to be some way using which the two can initiate an interactive session, and homework is surely the way. They not just bridge the gap between two, but also commence a serene relation between them.
  • They are stepping stones towards bigger destination. Here bigger destination is annual examinations conducted by the schools. Exercises that are assigned are more or less connected with the syllabus of final examination.
  • It measure to gauge every student’s aptitude. This in turn would help the mentors to sort out the weak students. Weaker section of batch thus are separated out from the rest and given special attention. Care is taken to improve their propensity.
  • Homework often involves creative tasks. This in turn help students knows the lessons well. The children are subjected to application of the theories they learn in class, they get to know the concepts well through some real time examples.

Parents’ viewpoint of exams

When it comes to academic life of their kids, parents definitely have a say on it. Homework- the potential protagonist here is of the following significance to them:

  • The little coursework are stepping stones, towards bringing you close to your wards. It is a reason for them to get into the child’s schedule, know about their whereabouts, their friends, get to know what they feel like, and son.
  • Not just that, it has scope for siblings to come together. Siblings can forget their entire ego, all their rivalry and give in their combined effect to produce better results.
  • Parents can keep a track at the evolution of their children, their education and also track their progress.
  • Parents feel happy to see that regular task assignment make their little ones more responsible and plant the seeds of discipline in them.

From the angle of students
How students perceive homework is of utmost impact, because at the end of day, it is they who shall be getting affected by it the most. We will commence with pros of the same, in the following:

  • The understanding of concept is enhanced through creative learning and interactive session. It helps them to break free the cocoon and emerge as a colourful pupil.
  • For some of the students, it takes time for them to assimilate the lessons as they are taught in class. But they take in plunge, once they are given their assignments.
  • The chapters covered in class could be taken up for revision during this time student sits with prep work.
  • It is an opportunity for them to cultivate some of the finest qualities and also build a striking personality.
  • These help the pupil to prepare for your exams well in advance, and minimize the burden.

A peep at the negative side  

Ponder over “all play and no work makes jack a dull boy”. The task work given at school often proves to be a burden. The fact cannot be denied that we all get only 24 hours, out of which the children spend 7-8 hours in school only. In that case, they have to compromise their extra-curricular activities and find out time to do their schoolwork. If they students aren’t mentally prepared then they might land up in stress and tension.
This consequently shall develop a feeling of hatred in the child towards the particular subject or studies itself. If you get time, you should breeze through “9 ways homework challenges are completely adventurous”. You may discover what you seek here.