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Various Purpose of Statistic Homework Assignment

by Sep 17, 2016Statistics

Statistic is one of the difficult subjects faced by students in school as well in higher studies. It is a kind of subject which is not only used separately but also as an important in economics and mathematics. Nowadays the value and scope of statistics is increasing in society and students can expect a very bright future if they opt for statistics in their higher studies.
But to get a good future with this subject, students require to do a lot of hard work and determination. There are many difficult terms and formulas in statistics which one requires to know to score well in this subject.  One of the best ways to excel in subject is to do regular homework and proper practice.
What is statistics?
Statistics is the study of data and its analysis. Each and everything is shown through statistics over a particular period of time to show their performance. Data is collected after doing a survey and then those data are interpreted and analyzed. There are 2 types of survey carried out to collect the data such as primary survey and secondary survey. There are various methods as well through which these data are interpreted.
Thus doing regular homework will help you get a descriptive knowledge about this subject and tricks to handle the difficulties.
Purpose of doing statistics homework
There are various ways in which homework can help students. Homework is necessary not only for this subject but for every subject which have mathematical derivations. So it is necessary for you to know the proper benefits of doing homework.
Some of them are as follows:

  • Firstly, regular homework allows the teacher and the student to understand each other properly. Knowing the subject well will help the teacher to explain you the subject in a better way. While doing your homework if you have any doubts then your teacher can explain you again.
  • Secondly, homework helps you to clear your doubt much before your exams. If you do homework after each chapter and sums it will help you understand each chapter clearly. Doubt clearance is very necessary for a subject like statistics.
  • Thirdly, a subject like statistics involves a lot of formulas and sums. The only way to be clear and thorough with these formulas is regular practice and homework. Learning formulas will help you solve even the difficult problems very easily.
  • Fourthly, homework makes student much responsible and hard working. Students learn to do their tasks in time and starts putting much effort in studies. This is the most important factor for a student as it will be beneficial for them even in their higher studies.
  • Fifthly, it brings parents and students closer to themselves as parents can also help their children with the homework and keep a check on them that they are doing it correctly.
  • Sixthly, statistics homework involves a lot of graphs and drawing, it is necessary that you draw these graphs correctly. Homework is the best way to become perfect in drawing graphs and curves.
  • Lastly, regular homework also helps the students to develop a good habit of studying regular and doing their work in time. It gives them the motivation to develop an interest in the subject.

The most important benefits of doing homework is to learn time management as it is the most necessary factor for studying subjects like statistics, mathematics, finance and each and every subject which involves sums and problem solving. You can also learn how to do the finance homework with time management because this is one of most demanded subjects nowadays.
Debate against doing homework
But along with these benefits and advantages there are factors which also show purpose against doing homework. There are frequent debates in modern world regarding pros and cons of doing homework related to mathematical subjects.
Some are as follows:

  • Some finds that homework are time consuming and involves a lot of time which students can devote in other tasks. They say that along with studies there are other activities in which students should can get involve and learn lots of new things.

Others say that homework is increasing a lot of pressure on students and they are losing on time that they can spend with their families and friends. They also play an important role in their life and homework is making them lose that bond.

  • Students also require some time to relax and play for some time after school and college. Even though they need to practice statistics regularly in order to score well, it is also necessary for them to relax their mind. If they over stress their mind then they will be unable to contribute their 100% in studies.
  • Along with statistics and other subject homework which involves a lot of sums there are other subjects which requires a lot of learning. It is seen maximum subjects requires learning and it is not important to do homework for these subjects regularly.

These are some debates showing some important objectives against doing homework. It is seen that most of the objective is showing time management problems. This is the reason students should learn time management in order to manage their studies as well as extra-curricular activities. This in turn shows that homework is necessary for learning proper time management. Thus the debate against homework proves to support it in some way or the other.