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Understanding What Works Well in Educational Technology? What Can Be Improved Upon?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Solution

Education is something which starts from birth and ends at death. This is something which holds true in life however the modes of formal education are limited and technology is a big part of facilitating that education. Over the years education has inducted itself into the folds of technology. Both technology and education have collaborated with one another and the branch of educational technology has come into existence. There are many who would consider asking what would you like to see educators do differently when it comes to technology? However it is not only teachers who should be brought into the question but the whole system.

Educational technology รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Its aspects

When it comes to the field or scope of educational technology it is vast and incorporates several strands. It essentially deals with inculcating education or imparting knowledge to pupils with the help of technology. Over the years technology has become more advanced and therefore the field has undergone transformation. Without the proper understanding of the aspects of educational technology we cannot go on further.

  • Audio-visual aids

These are one of the primary mediums of use all around the world. Advancement in audio visual aids was one of the first steps taken in schools and other levels of education to improve understanding for their students. Without these aids studying can become very difficult. In fact research has proven that the use of these tools have made studies more fun and enjoyable for students in turn increasing ability to remember and grasp knowledge.

  • Internet browsing

How many of you use the help of internet to study or complete assignments? Almost all of us from time to time refer to the internet, including all the other recreational activities, the internet helps us study. A simple search online helps students both weak and smart in studies to complete their work.

  • Online tutoring

There are provisions today which provide for online tutoring. This means that you can actually hire a tutor who is an expert from different parts of the world and get your child the best training. This allows students to benefit greatly and become more responsible in completing assignments or projects.

What works?

It is not new that students and teacher use technology to give their work and presentations an extra edge. When you are considering using such tools there are certain reasons or aspects which make it desirable. The reasons why incorporating technological aspects in education works are as follows:

  • Quick

There is nothing as quick as the technological tools available in the market. From the simplest things like finding the meaning of a word or the definition of a term to studying different topics or preparing research papers and even watching documentaries to increase knowledge, all of this can be achieved in a single click.

  • Student friendly

Students in the present generation are more comfortable with internet and technology than with books. If you want to reach out to them and assist them in becoming more knowledgeable then the only way to make that possible is by using such tools which are rooted in technology. It is easier to understand and hence more student friendly for them.

  • Self-learning is facilitated

When you use technical tools the one thing which is guaranteed is facilitating self-learning. When a person uses such mediums to inculcate learning they automatically learn new things. Teaching one is the best way to learn. When you go through this self-learning process it works all throughout your life making the child independent. Students should be encouraged by parents or teachers to undergo such methods of learning.

What requires improvement?

It is not surely impossible to dismiss the utility and role of technology nor can one deny that it works wonders for students all over the globe. Technological tools even offer students or adults who have never had the chance to go inside a classroom to learn. Therefore technology and education is an ever nurturing bond. However due to the negative use of this medium by some and the basic interlude of other elements of technology there are a few aspects which require work. These points have been stated below as follows:

  • Authenticity

Most of the information you get through mediums of technology is rarely verified. There are not many sources which can be identified without expert advice that help students attain the best information to put into their assignments in order to make it a complete and holistic work. There are several websites which often deliberately post data, statistics or information which produces more traffic on their webpage but is not authentic. Such sites need to be avoided and the child should be aware of what they are reading.

  • Better utilisation

Even though technological education is fast progressing the glamour and attractive features of other non-educational sites attract more students. Instead of using it for educational purposes children nowadays use this medium to stay connected with friends, upload pictures, and tweet on various sites and mostly not stay focused on their educational goals.

These needs to be reduced there should be programmes which facilitate and guide students towards better learning. If the child uses more social media links or platforms then the entire purpose behind the attempt to master knowledge is defeated. Therefore students need to set out their priority and adults need to help out.

  • More scrutiny in terms of use

If you are not going to be using technology for the benefit of education then the entire purpose remains unfulfilled. Students all over the world no doubt use social media. The use cannot be completely eliminated however there can be ways to ensure that the use is monitored.

The sites or technical tools, links or websites can be used for fun but it should be mostly used in order to bring about improvement in standards of education. If you know where to look there are excellent educational blogs or write-ups online with the addition of which a research paper or assignment can become extremely good. However without the proper mediums to monitor the child this is not possible.

Therefore there are many changes which can take place in the use of technology and the impact it has on a student. The right kind of guidance is of utmost importance. Technology and education are intertwined there is no denying it but adults like teachers or parents have to play an active role in ensuring that this union of the two into educational technology is for the betterment of the students. If the teachers and parents do not encourage the proper use of such tools it will not be possible to make progress.