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Ponder upon What Would You Like to See Educators Do Differently When It Comes to Technology?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Solutions

Educators are the persons who make sure that children learn and ensure continuity. The role of a teacher cannot be replaced by any profession. It is the only working professional body which is facilitating the growth of future generations in the right manner. There are many questions which are raised about technology and the role of that in education. Those questions are of immense importance.

What is interesting to know is how can teachers be trained to support all students equally in a tech focused world? The point of importance is that the focus should not be on the relation between education and technology alone but the way teachers use the technology. A lot of regulations might be put into place but the way teachers use and apply those techniques to benefit the students is what matters.

Potential changes in approach

When it comes to changing the way teachers use technology or understanding what are the potential changes that educators could bring solely depends on the teacher and the way in which they perceive change. Each teacher might have a different way of incorporating technological tools in their teaching.

Some teachers use such external tools more than others. The true fact is that the end result needs to be positive. Students should show considerable improvement from these methods.

Constructive changes rooted in Feedback

The best way to make changes for an educator is to ask their students what they want. There are many constructive alterations which could come from the pupils itself and it would benefit them greatly. At times adults feel they know best and that they can decide what will help the child.

However nowadays students are smart and can make the choice for themselves. They are much better versed in technical tools and could possibly suggest ways in which learning could be more interactive yet produce good results in terms of retention. Therefore asking feedback and knowing that what exactly they desire will benefit you greatly.

Two way street

The process of making substantial changes in the scenario of teaching can be hard. There are several considerations which must be made by different educational boards and teaching staff in order to work for the betterment of the student. Several researches and discussions have shown that there are many changes which can be made but the changes come from two ends. The student and teacher need to work together in order to bring about substantial changes in the scenario. This is a two way street which requires collaboration for the betterment of the educational scene. There is immediate requirement for specific changes in terms of teachers and students.

Teachers use

When it comes to technology there are a lot of important requirements which teachers need to meet. Every school sets up their equipment which teachers are meant to use. However at times teachers prefer the old ways and stick to the old system of using books or lectures which have not proven to be as useful as integrating both technology and lectures into the mix.

Hence what is expected from the teacher is to be a guide and philosopher in terms of lectures but also be a modern educator who interprets data not only in words but also images, clips, videos and live examples. Modern techniques are not regressive but they should not also be stressed upon to such an extent that the essence of reading a book or doing library work is pushed aside. It is up to the educator to strike a balance between technology of the present times and the old ways which no doubt are significant.

Students use

Students of the modern generation are often blindsided and feel that there newer methods are the best. Such an immense amount of pride is regressive because it prevents them from actually becoming better versions of them. When it comes to technology no doubt it is absolutely necessary in the present scenario. However if the student tries to reach a collaboration with the teacher where a balance is struck between the two methods they could benefit even more.  More often than not peaceful negotiations are more fruitful than blatant disregard for adults.

Social media is something fun but poses a serious problem in education. It should be remembered that technological advancements have brought about not only positive but certain negative changes. Therefore the student should be open to change and be willing to make compromises on the time they spend on social media and instead use the technology for better use. By searching for documentaries, educational blogs, websites, online tutoring they could benefit greatly. It would not only make their teachers happy but also improve their work standards.

Compromise is the key

Teachers should also allow students to make use of the different tools available for their own benefit. When teachers allow their students the chance to explore different mediums of technology it is a huge leap forward. This is the most significant change which is currently required. Without teachers constantly guiding and encouraging the child there can be no improvement in the scenario. There are many teachers who dismiss assignments based solely on the internet. Instead they should ask students to use help sites which are more authentic in nature or online tutoring classes. This will not only make the student feel less motivated the student but will also encourage of technology. Therefore compromise is what teachers should be doing to help children.