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Figure out How Can Teachers Be Trained to Support All Students Equally in a Tech Focused World?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Solutions

The world of teaching is dependent on teachers; they are the solid ground on which students grow from saplings to trees. If the ground is not nurturing or nutritious than the student will not grow into a strong sturdy tree. Therefore we are often faced with several questions which are related to the way students are handled by teachers and ways are discussed in which the method can be improved. Figuring out the different ways in which you can train teachers is wise, however not all methods can be practicable in different situations.

Special care

Schools are of different types in the world. There are some schools which are not as technologically advanced than others. Therefore not all tips can equally apply to all teachers of each and every school in your country or abroad in different parts of the world. Are you wondering how can teachers be trained to support all students equally in a tech focused world? Well the answer is quite simple, the only way you can teach the teacher the proper methods of imparting education is by formulating a plan.

This plan which is to be formulated should not be a strict document which is followed word by word. Instead there should be place provided for changes as problems are faced by teachers. Like the infrastructure of schools is not similar, the teachers are also of different temperament. In addition to the different attitudes of teachers each student differs from the other. In an average class there are so many different pupils to handle that a teacher may need to apply varying techniques with different learners.


This is the very first consideration which must be kept in mind while deciding on training of teachers. The task of utmost importance is determining “what works well in scholastic technology? What can be improved upon?” Several such questions need to be placed before the board of different schools or the government of the state in which you belong. However for those looking to constitute concrete solutions to the immediate problems of training teachers to teach children equally, they have to consider the technological aspect in great detail.

  1. Knowing the technology

Most teachers are not made to learn the new equipments which are there to be used for the benefit of their teaching and the better understanding of the pupils. The reason may not be because there have not been workshops or demonstrations. It can be that the educational institution has done their part but there needs to be constant vigilance that the teachers have understood the methods are trying to employ them for better imparting of knowledge.

  1. Using it in the proper manner

Technology is the new way of teaching however for it to be useful to students it needs to be done in the correct manner. If technological tools are not used in the correct way then it can be useless to both the teachers as well as the learners. All things must be used in the correct manner. Only after well thought out application can something we worthy of further use. Before technology everything was on paper, however now everything has become online or through audio-visual assistance. Taking advantage of this is also a skill.

  1. Allowing students to use it

Students should be allowed to take maximum benefits from the use of such aids. Without the students applying their knowledge in the existing parameters available to them their minds cannot develop. Giving tasks such as presentations, research papers are a way to help to each child grow and become more independent and self reliant. Education is more than pen and paper or even more than just grades. Education is about learning, growing and becoming better than before.

  1. Taking feedback

Students are capable are understand their good, especially those who are over a certain age and in the final years of school or college. The best way to bring about equal treatment is to make sure that as a teacher you are taking feedback from the class about what they want to study and in what way. At times they could require more use of technological tools or maybe they prefer other methods. If you do not take feedback as a teacher you can never be better.

Monitoring of teaching faculty

When it comes to formulating a plan for tackling the problem of unequal treatment from teachers to students the most significant step is to monitor the staff. There need to be sufficient methods which are employed to help the students receive the best education. The different methods which can be employed are as follows:

  • TAQ

Feedback from the students regarding teachers should be attained. There can be teacher’s assessment questionnaires which are filled up by them anonymous where a chance is provided to each student to express what they feel. At time when authority questions the child directly they might feel scared to own up to the truth. However anonymity provides the child confidence to speak up.

  • Regular seminars and workshops

Motivational speakers and professionals who hold seminars and workshops based on the issues of combating teacher behavior towards students in the tech world should be organized. No person is perfect and can make mistakes but teaching the right method is what is important. If you do not provide alternate solutions to what the teacher already employs then chance is not possible.

  • Warnings

If a child has come up with a particular issue regarding one teacher or teachers in general it should not be dismissed lightly. There is a great possibility that other students feel the same way and are unable to come up to valid authority that has power to make a change. It all starts with one child. The effort needs to be put in order to make a substantial change.

  • Make alterations in the system

Have you ever wondered why teachers impart preferential treatment to some children while to others they are too harsh? The reason is much more deep rooted that one can understand. There are hardly any changes which have taken place in the teaching world. This particular teacher perhaps treats the student in a way because she or he has faced the same while they were in school. To let go and improve the situation despite advent of technology the chance needs to be more far reaching.

Child is priority

At the end of the discussion it can be safely agreed upon that the end result of all this discussion is to cater to the needs of each and every child in the classroom. When you are a teacher and are trying to incorporate technological tools and methods in your way of teaching you can be aiming at more participation from the class, developing interest and trying to sow the seed of inculcating learning in the child.

There are some children who are slower to grasp concepts than the speed of others. There are others who disrupt classes or are not interested in the subject at all. However you are not a teacher to one but to all. Therefore it is important that you try and learn to pull them all closer and develop a way to use technology to impart knowledge to all of them.