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Top 5 Advantages of Maintaining a Regular Schedule for Assignment Assigned by Your Teachers

by May 24, 2017Assignments

Assignment or homework is the task allocated to every student as a revision to the task of the syllabus already completed in the class by the teacher. It is a revision work.

Why did some student feel bored to complete their homework?

  1. It is a monotonous job

Daily students are allocated to some task and they need to complete it. As they don’t even know the advantages of homework, they start feeling bored and start asking the question why the teacher is allocating them so many tasks.

  1. The problem lies in understanding the concept

It is one of the most common reasons for most of student for completing the homework. Every Class consists of many students. Every student requires different time slot for understanding concept but teachers are busy in completing their syllabus. The sometime student also feels shy about asking question because their fellow students will think he/she has low IQ. If a child does not properly understand concept, he/she will face many problems while completing the homework and will start ignoring homework.

  1. Wrong foundation

Parents are the first person who interacts with child while performing homework in their early days. Now a day’s, both parents are working. They work 24×7 to fulfill their needs and wishes of their child. By the time they are back to the home, they get exhausted. When they need to assist their child regarding homework, they feel it bore.

The Same thing is passed to child, when they have to complete their homework, they start feeling bored. Also, parents need to convert boring homework task to an interactive and learning game. If parent lack this skill after sometimes child will feel bored about homework

  1. Assignment from non-completed part of syllabus

Sometime teacher allocates task of homework from that part of syllabus which is not completed yet in the class by teachers. Teachers do that thing to save their work. sometimes teacher is not able to complete the syllabus in time, so they force a child to learn it on their own. A student can’t explain it to their parents why he/she didn’t understand the concept in the class? While the reason is teacher had never taught them the topic in the class

  1. Writing skill

Most of the students lack this knowledge. They do not know the proper spacing of paragraph, punctuation details, noun and pronoun usage etc. also their handwriting is not good. If a child lacks this entire thing, how the teacher will like to read the homework? Parents and teacher both need to work together to make the child understand the important of good handwriting and writing skills.

  1. Lack of research and taking notes in class

If all students are just copying homework by reading it in books, how it will differ from another assignment? Why will teacher like your assignment? Students need to understand the importance of research and adding extra points in the assignment from the notes taken in the class and research work done by you.

By eradicating above points, one can easily make a habit of completing regular homework.

Top 5 advantages of completing assignment regularly

  1. It helps a student in completing the syllabus much before exam dates

Practice makes a man perfect and by completing homework, they are practicing syllabus many times. They will get enough time for revision before the exam. The stress level in the student who are regularly completing their homework is less than that student who doesn’t pay attention.

  1. Problem-solving skill

As you are completing your homework, you will learn how to analyse the problem, do research work, break them into small pieces and then try to solve it. If child accomplishes this skill, he/she can easily handle any problem which they are going to face as an adult in their life.

  1. Multitasking

The student will receive homework assignment from different subjects and deadline of every homework is same. They have to play also and do their interest thing also. They have to learn to multitask. This multi-tasking will help them in their life ahead when they need to manage both personal and professional life.

  1. Time management

Homework is the key to learning time management during early days. The student needs to play, do homework and do their interest thing. After school, time is less but they need to do some task regularly. Homework helps them to learn the importance of time and a way to make a time schedule for all tasks.

  1. The importance of being prepared

For starting homework, you need to prepare every minute detail. You need to know good writing skills, research about the topic, eradicate all unnecessary attention seeking things etc. likewise, when you will go to the office, you will prepare your presentation with full dedication. You will know the path for achieving success.

There are many other advantages of performing homework regularly, so parents should help the child to make a regular habit of completing homework and also help the child in maintaining the proper schedule. Parents need to learn that regular homework habit is good for the child.