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How to Overcome the Fear of Mathematics During Your Final Examination?

by May 24, 2017Mathematics

Math is a subject of numbers and symbols. It is the basic foundation of many high-level languages. Math is a subject whose practical application in daily life is much more than any other subject. But according to a survey, the number of students who has math phobia is largest.

Math phobia

Phobia means fear. Math phobia is the feeling of anxiety whenever you encounter math problem or some specific type of math problem. It makes your brain cells unable to solve the problem efficiently.

Why is math phobia common among students?

  1. Concept understanding

Math is a subject which you can’t just mug; you need to understand the concepts. In a class of many students, the teacher can’t focus on individual student. The students also sometimes fail to ask a question or tell teacher that he/she didn’t understand the concept.

They think that other fellow students will feel that they lack minimum IQA required for understanding this problem. As student didn’t understand the concept, he/he fail to perform well in exam and they start hating the subject

  1. Poor performance

If child’s performance is low in the exam then you shouldn’t scold the child but try to understand his/her problem. Scolding will make the matter worse. The child will not open his/her problem in front of parent. They will start fearing subject. Scolding will make the matter worse.

  1. Study circle

Fellow friends matter a lot to the student. According to the survey, if student’s study circle hates math, this will surely influence their mental state and they will also start hating the subject.

  1. Method non-appreciation

Math is a subject in which you can get a solution through two or more ways. The teacher should understand it and give numbers to student based on steps rather than on final outcome. If a teacher continuously focuses on result and humiliate a student in front of fellow students then the level of confidence will be ruined. He/she will ignore subject concept in further class and avoiding will turn into fear.

How to overcome math phobia?

Practice makes a man perfect. You have to practice smartly to overcome your weakness. To eradicate the phobia from the student, teacher, and parent both need to work together. Following steps need to be taken.

  1. Try to find the problem in the child as soon as possible. Try to work with their homework in this way you will save a child from disastrous final exam result. If you see the low score in final exam try to analyse their problem rather than scolding them.
  2. Tell the child to accept their mental state and work accordingly.
  3. Try to motivate the child and allow them to play or do some exercise, this will improve their concentration and focus. They will feel relaxed and can easily concentrate on math problems.
  4. When a child is in a panic state, tell them to breathe calmly or tell them to count from 1-10 in reverse order. This will help them to change their mind state.
  5. Innovate new technique to make the child understand the problems. Make them learn that math is required in day to day life. Tell them the practical application child is using in day to day life. Try to find out which game your child like and try to teach them with help of that game.
  6. If a child is unable to solve a math problem tell them to change their mind by playing games or practicing your own interest and then come back and look for new options or methods to find a solution.
  7. Change the study circle of child to those students who like math rather than those who don’t. New study circle will help the child to make him/her understand the concept of the math and will help the child to overcome his/her fear.
  8. If required hire a tutor for the child. A tutor can give attention to the child much more than the teacher. Try to inspect the child whether now he/she can understand the concept or not. If required change the tutor.
  9. In the small success of child-like solving difficult question, try to applaud them. Praise them and motivate them that they can do it.
  10. Try to make child complete solve question of the textbook first then unsolved one and finally if time left and child requires extra guidance go for books outside syllabus.
  11. Make a regular routine of a child for practicing problems of math. Complete the syllabus of child as soon as possible and make sure that child gets enough time for revision.

All the above points will save a child from last minute anxiety before exam.  It is better to have precautionary measures because Math phobia during exam time can ruin child’s future.