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Top 10 Tips to Ensure That You Never Forget Your Statistics Homework

by Sep 13, 2016Statistics

Tutors and teachers often have to deal with students forgetting their statistics homework and missing their deadlines constantly. Even those who manage to do their assignments quickly forget what they have picked up. Statistics homework and assignments are complex, and even the smallest in accuracies can result in grave mistakes. These are quite tough and as per the great Freudian theory, the mind forgets what it perceives to be taxing or unpleasant.
Naturally, students often end up forgetting their statistics homework. But homework assignments happen to be an integral part of the curriculum of every student, particularly in subjects such as stats. Here are top 10 tips to ensure that you never forget your statistics homework.

  1. Pay more attention

First of all, you have to pay a lot of care to all that you are studying. Attention is the first step for retention. Try to improve your habit of listening and focus on every point that is said. When you pay attention for a long time, you will have the info retained in the working memory, and it will transfer into your long term memory. If you find the lecture boring, try to summarize what is being said. You may even record the lecture on your smartphone to listen to it at a later time.

  1. Revise from time to time

Once the information is retained in the long term memory, you will have to revise the same and then apply it at regular periods to strengthen it in your memory. Else, you will forget it all. Set aside a few hours every week to go through your old lessons and revise your material. Over time, you can easily retrieve the information from your memory and use it in the completion of your assignment.

  1. Stay away from distractions
  • It is most convenient to transfer information to your long term memory from the working memory when you do not have any distractions. For instance, you have to keep away from your smartphone, log out of social networking websites and stay away from TV when you have to complete your statistics assignment.
  • Keep in mind that FB and Twitter can wait for the time being, and the world will not come crashing down if you stop checking the updates for some time.
  • If possible, find a study partner or tutor who can help you with understanding the assignment. This will keep your mind focused and allow you to stay on track.
  1. Give enough time to your homework

Do not hurry with your statistics assignment. Gathering proper information is important when you have to finish the homework. You need to invest enough time into your assignment and find out the theorems, evaluationmethods, and proper methods to complete the task at hand. The final work should not smack like a hasty job.

  1. Start early

Avoid putting off your assignment till the last hour. By starting early, you can get enough time to do research and retain the information. Hurrying through your assignment will make you forget what you are writing. Postponing your homework till the last minute is the main reason why students tend to forget what they learn through their assignment.

  1. Space out your assignment

It is important not to complete the whole assignment at once. Start as early as possible, take enough time and space out the homework. When you learn information over and over again with intervals, you can retain much better than when you learn at a stretch and without any interval in between.

  1. Arrange your work

You have to organize your entire work.

  • Make sure that you begin working in a clean, tidy space.
  • Have all the necessary study materials easily accessible.
  • Organize all the resources into isolated folders. It is important to study smart and not hard, and keeping the resources properly arranged will make it easier for you to find and assimilate information for your homework.
  • Stop procrastinating. You need to do smart time management to allow both work and relaxation. If you are working on a computer, set up a desktop timer to set specific time intervals within which you have to finish a part of the assignment.
  • Have a proper time table to follow, which designates particular study hours in the week.
  • Use alarms and reminders to make sure that you do not miss the deadlines.
  • Make a proper schedule be able to keep track of all your deadlines and assignments. It is essential to do effective tracking to ensure that your homework is neatly completed.
  1. Practice, Practice and Practice

After you have understood a specific concept well enough, you have to go on practicing until the information is embedded in your memory. Studies show that most students fail to take their practice sessions seriously, which ultimately makes them end up forgetting most of what they learn. Statistics is a complex subject, and you need to be serious about the practice sessions to succeed.

  1. Take a break from stats

Latest studies have shown that it is better not to study the same subject continuously for a long period.

  • It is more convenient to keep interleaved content in memory, as compared to blocked content. You can break your stats studies with some literature lessons.
  • Taking breaks will refresh your mind and let you keep the studied materials more easily in memory.
  • You can also take a physical break from studies and take a walk around the park, listen to some music or watch a movie.
  1. Test what you have gone through

Apply all the information that you have processed and use it over and over again to retain it in your memory. Once you develop the habit of retrieving information from memory, you will easily be able to save the information in your brain. You will find it easier to retain the details. Naturally, it is always a better idea to revise your stats homework before submission.
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