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Top 10 Teachers Tips to Make Learning a Fun Experience

by Sep 13, 2016Assignment Help

The worst thing about a teacher is undoubtedly the monotone that he or she introduces into the subject, by way of his/her talking, teaching the subject, appearance or overall attitude and approach to the subject material. However, they are the best guides that one must love, respect and look up to for learning the important lessons of life apart from the bookish knowledge.
To make studies interesting, students must look out for the classic signs รขโ‚ฌโ€œ the flash of interest in their own eyes by welcoming books with a smile. You should not be getting annoyed or rejoicing as your period ends. The learning enthusiasts can easily understand whether or not they are hitting the right notes by what they are soaking in after each class. Here are some interesting tips to make learning a fun experience!
1.Teachers mustuse a conversational style instead of lectures

  • Teachers play an important role in gluing the attention of the students.
  • A particular study has found out that around 60% of pupils find at least 50% of their lectures to be boring. The same study shows that around 30% find almost all or all of their lectures to be highly boring.
  • As a student, you can simply engage in a conversation with your teacher such as you would do with an old buddy. You can engage in an exchange of ideas and make the whole process of sharing knowledge a good one, which intrigues your interest to learn more.

2.Students must make lessons a journey to discover some new things
When teachers and students learn together, the entire process of learning can become more fun. The job of a teacher, when observed from the outer periphery, is to educate learners, but they can make the process joyful by making the teaching process a way to discover new things. Students love anecdotes and trivia, and students must build a rapport with them to get into the inner depths of wisdom. A good teacher must let his/her guard down and share with students some interesting things about the topic. Find out what:

  • For example, teachers can demonstrate separation by letting students mix honey, oil and water in a glass jar and then observe how they separate.
  • Teachers may also exhibit displacement by putting an actual object into a glass jar and marking the water levels before and after the placement of the object.
  1. Be self-depreciative

Teachers must not be concerned about letting their guard down. Latest studies show that teachers gain authority when they show their students that they care for them.

  • Although a teacher needs to be in command,he or she can take small recreational breaks to make students feel comfortable.
  • When students share the latest jokes they hear about on the campus, they would love to share those with teachers, which helps in building confidence for students. It makes them comfortable to ask questions and easier for you to inspire students to finish their work in time.

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  1. 4. Make your lessons thrilling

Incorporating an element of thrill and mystery can make your lessons more fun. So all the learning enthusiasts must pay attention to:

  • Start by highlighting the unique, unusual and downright weird aspects of the subject you are studying
  • Highlight a strange aspect of the topic now and then to keep the mystery alive, explore it.
  • You can make a question at the start of every lesson each day which has an air of mystery to it. Think about the answer; this is the best way to exercise your brain and find out new things about the subject you are studying.
  1. 5. Take part in projects

As a student, it is always a better idea to involve yourself in different projects. This provides you with a hands-on idea about the topic and also reduces some of your stress of absorbing everything, theoretically. Having t taken part in activities will help each of the students to be engaged and not lose time in procrastination.

  1. 6. Reviewingreally helps

Repeating the same lessons over and over again can be a very boring affair, and this goes out to teachers who want to impart something to students. It is essential for students to learn and memorize new lessons and also review old lessons regularly so that they can progress with studies without forgetting the basics. Students must try to spend 1 รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 2 hour every week in reviewing lessons from the last few weeks and adding them to the new lessons in a wholesome way, to help yourself understand how everything fits easily together into a whole.

  1. 7. Introduce humor

Humor cuts the boredom of teaching and studying. Laugh at the jokes that you share between breaks with fellow students present some humorous element from the lessons or recall some amusing incident that acts as welcome breaks in between to refresh your mind and again be back to thebusiness of studying thoroughly!
8.Use thelatest technology
Students are tech enthusiasts today, and learning can be more fun when you use the latest gadgets in your methods of learning. Whether it is a laptop presentation that you prepare, a useful smartphone app that you navigate to have a better registration of the topic in hand – the use of gadgets in studies can keep your interest running and alive!

  1. The visual impact of the resources online

This digital age has alot to offer to the learning enthusiasts and from videos, podcasts, infographics, invest quite a considerable amount of time that will make you let studies be interesting and fun, and not something that takes away the smile from your face. To ensure better registration of the subject in hand, make a good use of online resources, that are eye-grabbing, more appealing to the senses and can make even the dull chapters of any subject look good, interesting and worth studying.

  1. Approach matters

Be positive, be confident and do not pick your books and sit to study with a grumpy face. It hampers the productivity level. If you are not feeling like studying at a particular point in time, don’t force yourself, take a short break, do something your heart is willing to do and then be back to studying!
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