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Top 10 Language Techniques to Ace the Art of Speech!

by Aug 21, 2018Language

The basic art of communication is the language that the leaders follow!
Oh yes!! Hasn’t it been innumerable times that your mentor has made this statement to you? Also, it is a well-known fact, that it is the twisting of words that makes the world go around. Look at some of our greatest global leaders – it is their power of communication, their perfect language techniques that has led their rise in this field.
Starting from Aristotle of the Ancient Age, to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi of today’s world, they all have had one thing in common – great oratorial skills. These techniques have the power to add the brightest of hues even to the blandest of words.
Now the pointer is – how would you make use of the same and ensure that your words are heard with the same clarity? Well, here are the top 10 strategies or techniques of language usage as you would call them!
Read them up now, isn’t your next presentation in a week’s time?
How to improve your language techniques in a jiffy?
Before you start off saying – “Not all will understand Shakespearean contexts”, here are some of the pointers to look out for!

  1. Alliteration works amazingly well!
  2. Pair the words up via contrast
  3. A puzzle can be of great help!
  4. Rhetorical queries work
  5. Ever heard of group information?
  6. Rhyming – the twinkle twinkle way!
  7. Metaphors, analogies, similes are of great help!
  8. Repeat your messages!
  9. Make it personal
  10. Keep it short and simple

These are the top 10 fundamentals that you must note to enhance your spoken skill set. Now it is time to expand it for a better comprehension!

  1. Usage of alliteration

One of the most prominent language techniques, this is one sequence with words of same letters. This not only provides your message with a poetic flow but also ensures that the message is distinctly clear.
In fact, this is very well explained in the statements of the British Budgets. However, you must ensure that the words chosen are not distinctly unfamiliar – imagine stating words like: hopeless historical hypochondriacs….!!

  1. Contrasting pairs are of real help!

“Are you with us or not”? – This is one of the most important techniques which you must try out to ensure that you have an interesting speech to deliver. The biggest power which this format of speech has is – it can explain well to concerned people what you stand for as well as what the other aspects are. This is one of the subtlest strategy to better your speech!

  1. Puzzles and problems help in a huge way

When you start off a talk, one of the biggest language techniques is to keep the other party in tension. Only when we have a puzzle before, there are chances of a resolution which will surely ensure that your speech is heard. If the puzzle is compelling, the solution will surely be heard of with intensity.

  1. Rhetorical question is the key

This is one of the best modes –to let the audience think and understand the topic. When the audience will have to deal with the topic themselves, then they will automatically wish to hear out what you have to say. Clearly, this is the codeword to have an interesting discussion ahead and ensure that people hear you out.

  1. Group info works

To start off – stating any concept in a three-part format is the best option to make people hear you out. Since as humans, we struggle to hold multiple information together, hence this 3-part format is best. As one of the best language techniques, this will help people to hear you for a longer duration.

  1. Rhyming the perfect way

One of the best techniques is – rhythms. When you wish to explain something to the other party, this is the best and (the charismatic way – who doesn’t love a couplet?) to do so. With help of this, you could connect with the concerned parties in a better manner, rather intimate manner and your audience too will get some food for thought. Just remember a point that too much of rhyming will not make you a Wordsworth but surely you will lose some audience.

  1. Now comes the set triad – metaphor, simile, analogy

When you really want people to hear you out, using this triad is one of the language techniques which you cannot miss. With these 3 at your behest, any speech can be shaded in the best of hues and therefore will also help you attract a wider number of people to your views.
Another important point is – when you use the same combo, people have a better perception of your thoughts and this ensures that they are thinking of some interesting points. Now, when their thoughts connect with your words, only then can your words get that required depth, which you want!
With a metaphor in place, you connect at a level where people get to view your choice with that of others (all those images and comments). Next comes simile wherein those ‘like’ and ‘as’ context help to connect the dots.
Well, what can one say about analogies? The more the merrier!!

  1. Repetition clarifies the details

The more you can allow people to hear you, the better it is for your speech. How? Repeat! It is one of the most important language techniques which many consider is a waste of time but speaking from personal experience is truly an important aspect to consider. After all, wouldn’t you want people to constantly take note of your views?

  1. Make people resonate your emotions

Yes – personal aspects help!! When you personalise your speech, it gives your words a different kind of emotion which people can easily consider and accept. Hence, if you wish to get close to them personalise your words and views and see the world following you!

  1. Short and sweet is the key!

Less is more – yeah! When it comes to speaking your mind, and ensuring your followers, you must keep it brief! Let your actions show the depth of your heart rather than pages of useless message. Stick to the points and ensure that the key aspects are well highlighted!
With all these language techniques in your hand, be ready to become one of the best orators in your domain. Wish you luck!
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