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Here’s the Top English Language Techniques That You Cannot Miss!!

by Aug 21, 2018English

Oh, how many times have your English teacher commented on your English language techniques? So, embarrassing it must have been! After all, with all your friends speaking impeccable tongue, you really need to improve yourself. English as a language holds some of the best treasures in terms of literature which you cannot miss out. Also, being the lingua franca of the world, a natural connection is formed via this language.
Now, getting to the core of the context that this blog will speak about – how to improve techniques while you are presenting or even while writing some little things down.
Yes!! This is the domain for all your answers, but before that – why in the world do you even need these techniques? Like really folks? Just speak your mind out and its all done, right? Not really!! Here’s why –
English language techniques – why you need them?
As one of the most fruitful and expansive languages, English comes with its specified techniques. Though in this blog, you will get to know aplenty reasons, the primary one is –to ensure that when you present your thoughts the world calms down and listens to you!
The rest of them? – Here they go

  1. It helps give meaning and artistic structure to your presentation
  2. Helps to explain your point to the readers with clarity
  3. Extremely important for motivation
  4. These techniques provide a logical framework to your thoughts
  5. Crafting of thoughts which further helps to visualise the characters

Now with these top 5 reasons for which you require English language techniques at your hand, you will surely want to know more about what they are and how to use them. They are just here – scroll down, fast!
What are those?
Yeah, there are loads of them, but before you get to know all of them with clarity, here’s the rush – allusion, alliteration, assonance, cliché, caricature, oxymoron, epiphany, hyperbole, foreshadowing, imagery, idiom, metaphor, oxymoron, personification, paradox, sarcasm, theme, simile and symbol! Gosh – that’s some list!!
Hitting it off with Allusion. Well speaking on a general note, this is reference material. Especially when you refer to some religious aspect, literary occurrence of note, you allude to something and this on the whole helps to ensure that the listeners have a visual aspect created in their mind. Clearly, you have a winner here!
The second in this list is – Alliteration. Remember, those ‘sweet-scented-stuff’? Well, yes – when you have multiple words starting with the same letter and sounding almost similar, then the value of your presentation increases beyond, let’s say – mere rambling of words!!
Let’s go to the next point – Assonance. Yes, it reminds you of its cousin Alliteration, but the point here is that, it is repetition in the vowel sound. Hence, if you wish to explain your point clearly and that too in an artistic manner, nothing can fit your bill quite like this!
Here come the fourth of the English language techniques – Cliché! It is a regular déjà vu feeling in words! When you have been speaking of the same things which people know, or rather bring back certain memories to them, and then you can connect with them at a personal basis. This will also give them a visual idea of the same.
Caricature is the next thing that you will have to check while presenting your point. No, it’s not mimicking someone, rather characterization of the far-fetched. This helps to amplify your thoughts and ensure that you have a better working.
‘Pretty Ugly’ is what you mean by Oxymoron. With help of these English language techniques you can assure that your audience gets to think what they have been told and only by that method can they connect with your words.
The next point to note is Epiphany. Oh, those prophesy and life-changing decisions can help you bring that perfect extraordinary moment to your presentation.

  • Hyperbole –

This exaggeration can help you ensure that the concerned people are into your thoughts and as you speak they repeat these points in their minds – “Yes, I have heard you a million times over!’’
Coming to the next aspect or pointer as I would love to call it – Foreshadowing. When you are speaking, and giving people hints, they get a preview of the same and naturally can connect with your thoughts at a greater level. You have a win-win situation.
Metaphor is one of the most prominent English language techniques that you cannot miss out. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear and analyse lines as – “Life is…walking shadow….”? If your presentation has the magic of metaphors, there’s no way you can get back!
Now coming to its distant cousin, the ‘like’ and ‘as’ category – the Simile. So, compare your thoughts with something and you will have people diverting their thoughts and connecting with your work more!

  • Personification –

This will help you give a shape to a thought. When you provide characteristics to any object, people get a better understanding of the same and therefore, you can have more audience wishing to hear you out!
Paradox is another technique that you must use while speaking or writing down – with more meaningful thoughts penetrating mere words, your English will help people think deep and that will help to ensure that your work will be appreciated.
Theme and Symbol are two of the most prominent language techniques in English and coupled it with Imagery. When you have all these set-ups together, who in the world can stop people hearing you out!!
Finally, it is the Idiom that makes your day! Nothing can accessorize your article as much as this and you can surely win hearts!
If you are asking whether you would have to note and obtain clarity, then let me tell you (from personal experience) that yes, it is so! One glitch in any of these English language techniques and you will have to face the bad music. Hence, start off at this very moment!

  • Finally –

You have your answers ready!! Well, when is your next presentation? Try these English language techniques out soon and you will surely win events (and hearts) like no other!!
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