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The Right Way to Go About Persuasive Essay Topics

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

How many times must you have felt frustrated with writing persuasive essays? How many times must you have wished if the professor had helped you out with a few unique persuasive essay topics? How many times you must have lost marks on performing well on the essay-writing part as it was an average performance.
Sharon, who was a First year BA (Bachelor of Art) student, lost the assignment as her topic selection on persuasive essay was a common topic. She did not understand much about the persuasive writing style of an essay and lacked persuasive essay topics.
There are many like Sharon, who have absolutely no knowledge about creative writing and when the professor entrusts students with assignments, students are dumbstruck for sure.
So, let us begin with the base-
What Is Persuasive Essay Writing?
Persuasive style of writing an essay is an argumentative genre of writing skill. It requires logic and reasoning to put your idea forth and make the other person believe in it.
Now, this can happen if only you are a lawyer! What a joke!
But the truth is one need to persuade the opponent with legitimate reasoning. It attempts the reader to agree to the terms and act accordingly.
This is how great salesmen are born! You bet!
Such kind of essays require using facts and figures, give logical reasoning, use a number of example and anecdotes to clarify your point of view. Using quotes from the experts and leaders gives higher weight to the entire article.
The most difficult part, how do you plan your persuasive essay topics?
It is undoubtedly the most difficult phase, to begin with, but trusts me, once you have followed the steps; you are sorted for a good number of essays.

  • Know your side of the story first

Before you go ahead in selecting the persuasive essay topics, firstly know your side of the story. Retrospect yourself and ask “what is the purpose of my essay?” Accordingly, choose the position and the problem area that you are going to tackle>
“Sounds like I am about to pursue Ph.D.
You bet, by following the steps and plan, pursuing Ph.D. will no longer remain a rocket science.

  • Decide the audience you wish to target

This part of the story involves the target audience. The demographic you wish to target?

  • Research the topic

The base of a persuasive essay is its research. It needs facts and figures so that the reader is convinced of the thought.  There are several ways to research on the topic. Right from ransacking the library books to surfing the internet for the answers (the way you are doing right now!)

  • Structuring the essay

At this stage, start doubling your work. You have got all the materials that are required towards structuring the essay. You have decided on the topic to write on from the range of Persuasive essay topics. The next step, therefore, becomes to present the task in a persuasive way. The idea is that it should serve your purpose of persuading and at the same time know the audience as well.
Let us now focus on the Persuasive essay topics
Before selecting the topic, make sure you are in a position to write the essay in a persuasive way and not getting into the argumentative way. The thin lines of difference between the both is while the former uses sentences, facts, antidotes, the latter uses questions and is opinionated.

  • Student-Oriented

Under this topic, all problems related to students and their routine life can be taken. Few topics could be-

  1. How sex-education is brightening up the horizons of many
  2. Dating at teens can spoil your career
  3. How students learn better in a different environment rather than classroom teaching.
  4. Exams can never be the go-factor to determine the student’s ability
  5. Over-pressurizing for higher marks has been the cause of depression and suicidal attempts.
  • Technology-Oriented

It depends upon the technological advancements. However to give a rough idea on how you can go about some topics are-

  1. Alexa making the news!
  2. Internet rules our lives
  3. Mobiles- a man’s best friend
  4. Www. is the reason for the damage to our minds?
  5. TV has lost its existence after YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix has taken up the place.
  6. Thanks to the technology, communication is easy!
  • Study-related
  1. Social media is making the study life of students difficult
  2. The reasons why tab must not be used as a part of the curriculum
  3. How homework is making the life of a student cumbersome.
  4. Textbook studies are obsolete, iPad instead.
  5. Books are the greatest gift of joy
  6. The library is losing its importance due to advent of the internet
  7. Easy study means is the mantra of this era.
  • Food-related
  1. The reason behind US obesity- Huge burgers
  2. Calorie mention must be made mandatory at the Fast food restaurants
  3. Intermediate fasting is the new diet plan.
  4. Why is the world switching over to Green tea?
  5. Fast food chain of restaurants- a wonderful career option
  6. Chefs are paid the highest in some countries
  • Social concerns
  1. Capital punishments for child molesters
  2. Every industry must go green
  3. UNESCO sites must be protected for a better tomorrow
  4. Every parent should undergo the parenting class before sending their child to school
  5. Sports play a vital role in a child’s grooming
  6. Independent life at the age of 13? How fair is it?
  7. It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple
  8. Can God control the desires of evil minds?
  • Funny topics

Persuasive essay topics under the humor genre are plenty. A person can explore the inner humor in him with a satire in it. To begin with-

  1. Video game players have a brilliant career ahead
  2. Braces and silicon, are the strangest ways to scare people
  3. The dolphin show is marvelous, wonder about the marvelous life.
  4. How People fall prey to fake and spam email

There are many topics to ponder on. Keep looking for this space for more information and guidance.
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