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How to Reduce Homework: 3 Effective Strategies to Minimize the Workload

by Aug 21, 2018Homework Help

Harry and his ilk can go through mortal crises every semester and still pass with flying colors, and here you are struggling with some basic homework!
You might have missed out on your Hogwarts letter, but that doesn’t mean you have to live the muggle life, burned with excessive homework and no fun. This blog is going to teach you some unique wizardry! From now on, you shall know how to reduce homework at your will!
Homework and its Psychological impact on students
Recent studies suggest that in the last 10 years students have been diagnosed with more mental health issues than ever before. According to a report published by the American College Health Association Survey, between 2009 and 2015, there had been a striking 30% increase in the number of students visiting the counseling centers in college.
Likewise, another report published by the American Psychological Association exposes that a staggeringly high number of college students (more than 41%) reportedly suffered from anxiety and 36.4% from depression. The University of Iowa had to increase the number of counseling staff members by 50% during 2017-2018.
All these reports stand as the concrete proof that something’s not right with the prevalent academic culture. Students’ health is being compromised, and there can hardly be any compensation for that.
If you, as a school or college student, are suffering from any sort of psychological distress owing to your coursework, the load of homework/ assignments or any other issue, you should immediately seek help from a counselor.
That being said let us take a practical look at the homework problems. Students have a life outside of academia but they are often divorced from this life owing to excessive study pressure. These following methods shall show them how to reduce homework and get their lives back on track!
How to reduce homework: 3 key strategies

  1. Split the work – work in a group

This strategy should work ideally for school students wondering how to reduce homework. It will also prove effective for college students unless they are working on a research project that has to be 100% unique.
Assuming the whole class has been assigned the same homework, students can form a group of 3 or 4 and divide the work among themselves. Each student can take care of one subject, or if there are multiple assignments on the same subject, they can each take up one portion. Everyone works on their part and shares their answers/ learning with the rest of the group. This way you can largely reduce the stress you had to deal with.
Homework should be more about learning, as long as you learn your lesson by the end of the session, it’s okay if you use a few tricks to deal with the overwhelming stress. Work out an understanding with your friends and you shall be good to go.
University students can use the formula too. If you and your friend are working on related topics, you can each share significant pieces of information with the other. In fact, sharing the basics about sources can also help you to save time!
Imagine where would Harry be if he had to do all the work alone, and he a wizard!

  1. Get Professional Homework Help

This approach is being used by thousands of students now and the reviews, so far, are mostly positive. There might be multiple problems with an assignment: it might be too difficult for a student, the student might not have enough time to work on it, a student might suddenly fall sick or have more important engagements.
You really might have your own personal reasons for not doing the work, but the grades are important. Instead of stressing how to reduce homework, you can take active steps, and getting professional help is the most clever way to solve the business.
For students who are not familiar with this service, let me break it down. There are websites which offer academic help to students and their services are pretty flexible. Most of these sites cover a large number of fields, from engineering, medical to humanities, management and more.
These sites help students of all levels, they’ll help a 6th grader as well as University students. The people who do the homework on behalf of students are qualified scholars themselves.
You’ll have to pay these companies a sum of money to do your homework and they’ll deliver the work to you. Most companies operate online, making things easy for students. If you have a deadline problem or any other issue, getting such help could be your solution.
So to figure out how to reduce homework, all you have to do is google and find a reliable site that offers homework help to students.

  1. Have a talk with your teachers

This is a bold step but when done right, it could permanently solve your problems. If you feel your school or college is constantly assigning you an insane amount of homework, it might be time to have an open conversation with them.
Education Associations in several countries propagate a 10-minutes rule, which says the homework allotted to a student must be proportional to the grade multiplied by 10 minutes. This would mean a 1st grader must not have more than 10 minutes of homework (1 x 10 minutes) or a fourth grader must not have more than 40 minutes of work (4 x 10 minutes) and so on.
You can try bringing this to the notice of your teacher and let them decide how to reduce homework and do away with the excessive work.
For students who are struggling harder with their work, you can frankly inform your teacher about your anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues. Institutions cannot force their students to go through a severe psychological distress for the sake of homework.
You might also take the help of your parents to approach the teacher.
Hope you found these strategies helpful. Remember, there is always a way out once you is willing to act. Try these methods and life will be easier. A silly homework should not be able to worry you sick! Take a deep breath and hold on! Good Luck!