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The Long Debate – Should Teachers Give Homework on Holidays?

by Nov 2, 2016Homework Help

So, it is that time of the year again. Winter is approaching and along with it is coming to the dreaded holiday homework. Homework in itself is pretty troubling, added to that problem is the fact that it is assigned during the holidays, the time when the kids want to relax, have fun and do anything but study.
Even to parents, a break signifies a break from all the tantrums, the hassles related to homework. However, this dream is shattered quite often by teachers who assign loads of homework to the kids to keep them busy during the holidays and thus, makes the lives of the parents a living hell which often leads to the question whether kids should be assigned homework on holidays.
The debate: should they or shouldn’t they
This life long debate has been persisting for quite a few years now,and many have actually questioned the benefit of such a method. While many children and parents alike deem such a method to be medieval and cruel, many parents and teachers, however, agree to the fact that homework is actually helpful and should be assigned at all times.
However, the consensus among students is not exactly satisfactory, and most would come up with some absurd excuse after the holidays when they fail to turn their homework in.
So, like many other parents, even you might be wondering should kids be assigned homework during holidays or not and why. Listed below is why.
‘Do your homework and stand your ground.’
Why should homework not be assigned on holidays?
If you are one of the supporters of the winter break and against homework during vacations, then you must have a few reasons as to why the teachers shouldn’t assign homework.
Can’t think of any? Not even one? Well, listed below are some to support your cause!

  • Because it’s family time!

Breaks are classified as time spent with family. They are mainly assigned to kids so that they be rejuvenated and get to spend more time with their siblings and relatives and of course their parents. It’s the only time to bond with them over various activities and homework during holidays proves to be counterproductive.
With the introduction of homework during holidays, the entire mood is spoiled,and the tension rises and relations are spoiled as a result of it. No amount of coaxing, fighting or scolding helps the situation.

  • Homework doesn’t guarantee achievement

Assigning a lot of homework, whether during holidays or over the term, doesn’t prove to benefit the students. Instead, it proves to be counterproductive as studies have revealed. It stresses out the students and makes them less productive.
This is because they fear the consequences in the event they fail to submit the completed homework within the appropriate time.

  • Kids need to enjoy their childhood

The best way to enjoy their childhood is as a kid. Can you possibly remember the last time you fooled around? As a kid, eh? What are the best memories that you have as a kid? Being a child is a privilege, and you get to do that only once.
Childhood comprises of all the best memories, and it is during this time that a child can learn so much about the world and their own potential.  Homework spoils this time and especially if assigned during holidays, hinders their growth.

  • They need to observe the actual world

A child learns a lot from studying and observing the actual world as opposed to sitting behind books and memorizing numbers. During their growing period, the mind is a lot curious and wants to know everything thatis not printed in a textbook.
So, what they learn about the ecosystem and nature when out on a hike, they possibly can experience and learn the same thing from a textbook.
Why should homework be assigned?
There are a number of reasons why the teachers should assign homework during the holidays. While I disagree, many parents, however, seem to agree on this a lot. Listed below are the reasons why they think homework should be assigned.

  • To practice

The main purpose of assigning homework is to ensure that the kids get enough amount of practice to remember and memorize the topic. This allows them to understand the subject better, improves their understanding of the subject and makes them score better in school.
However, if a student really wants to learn, then there is no need for extra homework to be assigned. They can simply opt for an online educational website which will allow them to study better with efficient study techniques and grasp the concept better because of the easy explanations provided by these websites.

  • Keeps them busy

Also, many parents agree because they want to keep their children occupied during vacations. Some kids are sometimes too much to handle and during the vacations with so much time at their disposal, it gets hard to control them. So, many parents think homework is an efficient method to regulate their energy and control them.
Find a middle ground
Thus, both have their ownset of justifications to support their cause. While working during holidays seems to be a bit of punishment for kids, similarly, not working at all also proves to be a bit of a problem.
However, a middle ground can be found which combines both. Listed below are some alternatives which won’t hamper the joys of the children but will also ensure that they learn something productive during their vacation:

  • Excursions are a good way to educate your children. Take a trip to a museum, or an amusement park. You can also take them out on holidays abroad or a hike.
  • The teachers can assign reading list for the children to go through just for fun. This willensure that they at least know the story and can enhance their vocabulary.
  • You can take your kids to cultural events held locally. For example, you can take them out for a play or see the ballet or even some music recital.

Kids are impressionable at any age, and they can learn much from the outside world. They don’t need homework to learn always. They also need the experience to back it up. So find the middle ground this break and talk to the teachers if possible about it and let the kids be themselves for a while.
‘The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.’