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How to Handle Peer Pressure Efficiently in Your Academic Career?

By Sarah J Mitchell
2 Nov, 2016

The pressure situation that the present students put under is very much more critical than a normal student can really bear. They have to handle multiple pressure situations at the same time. They are often seen to succumb to the crisis state which leads them to severely lose their confidence and look slowly on every subject, resulting in a lack of interest in their academic career.

Managing this pressure situation is very much essential for a student in order to have a healthy academic career.

What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is a term that is used along with peer group. To understand peer pressure, you must first understand what peer group is. The peer group is used for a group of people that have the same almost equal age, interests and status.

You can find your peer group in your school, college as well as in your professional life. They might also be of the same background. And the social pressure that is developedfor every individual of this peer group is to be able to perform to the expectations that are madefrom the group.

Effects of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a big factor that is currently affecting today’s children. They often indulge in smoking, drinking, sex, etc. They develop a complete change in their personality and often get to mix with a bad company which leads to further worsening of their future.

The changes that very much reflecton their academic career are:

  • They become very much arrogant and have a rude outwardbehavior with every individual they come across.
  • The relation of the students with the teachers deteriorates to a great extent when they start giving aroundabout answer to every question they are asked.
  • They start interpreting each and every topic that is discussed with them in a different manner which is not always correct.
  • They adopt a casual approach towards life and undergo a complete change in their work schedule.
  • Grades in their classes undergo constant deterioration for which they are not able to give a proper explanation.
  • They take the position of the last benches in the class and go under an all time shadow from which it will be very hard to bring them back again.
  • Do not take the notes that are given in the regular classes and just spendthe hours in school or college with fun and frolic.
  • Develop a bitter relation along with their parents as they become too suppressive and are not able to share any of their problems along with their parents. They take their permanent position in their rooms and involve themselves in very few conversations with their relatives.

The situation is very much grim and serious, and they are in urgent need of a helping hand in order to get them back on the proper track. They should be boosted with courage and confidence to regain their lost personality and view towards life.

Possible Solutions

The student must be forwarded their guiding hand in a clear manner so that they can identify them and get out of the situation as fast as possible. In this situation, in most cases, they are not able to help themselves. They need the support of a caring person.

This help can be done from both the parent as well as the school teacher with whom you spent your major part of the daily hours. In some cases, you can also contact your home tutor if you feel free to share your problems with them. But one must have the credibility to judge the correct individual.

Here, let me provide you with some possible help that you can do to yourself:

  • The student must develop the courage to say รขโ‚ฌล“NOรขโ‚ฌย to efficiently tackle peer pressure. It might seem a bit harsh to refuse for the first time, but it helps a lot in the long run. It will gradually help you to come out of the bad company and have a fresh blossom. This will help in conveying a clear cut message that you have changed and is no longer interested.
  • Another possible solution that can help you to come out of the situation is by making a joke of the request made of the peer group or by changing the subject that is currently discussed. This can be very effective in getting you out from any trouble.
  • You should regain your old position in your family and talk in healthy terms with your parents and relatives as they can be your genuine help in this state. They are quite aged and experienced the situation as they have already lived your life in the past.
  • Avoid the company of the bad friends in the class and take your front seat in the class. Let the group get the impression that you have undergone a drastic change and you no longer belong to them so that they themselves become hostile to you.
  • You should be very much wise in picking and choosing your proper friend circle. You should always be ready with an excuse in order to avoid the company with those bad friends so that you can lead your own independent life without being pressurized in any way by this peer group.

These are only some compared to the extremity of the crisis. Letรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs not lose hope and hope you succeed in getting out of the situation and reach your goals.

Importance of Meditation

It is very much important for the children of today’s generation to spend some hours of the day in medication. It is as important as the academics. Many schools and colleges are nowadays keeping medication classes in their curriculum, considering the seriousness of the situation.

It helps an individual to spend some hours with mental peace and serenity. It helps to give the mind some rest and feel free from all the worries in life. It helps greatly in regaining the concentration level and improves the retention power of a student. It makes you really happy and makes your life more happening. It helps in removing all kinds of stress and lets you feel free.


It is always advisable to stick to the correct path and be judgemental and use your conscience in the proper way. It is your duty always to stay active of the situation. It is your own life and has to responsible for anything that happens to you. You have to bear the charges of the mistakes that you might have made unknowingly at any stage of your life. Time is crucial and will wait for none! Do make the best use of it!

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