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The Concept of Freeze Drying Homework Help

by Jun 4, 2017Homework Help

This blog focuses mainly on the concept of freeze drying homework help. Freeze drying is a very old concept. It is a process by which a material is first frozen and then the pressure on the surroundings is reduced so that the water material on its side can easily sublimate and change into a gaseous state. Why so people freeze dry? It is mainly done so that the perishable material is preserved for a longer time period. It is also used while transporting some goods as it makes transportation more convenient. Freeze drying is also known by other names like lyophilizes, cryodesiccation etc.

How did the concept of freeze drying evolve?

The process was first invented by Arsena d’ Arsonval and his assistant Frédéric Bordas in 1906 in Paris. Later on, it was developed by Downey Harris and Shackle in 1911 for preserving rabies virus. By the process of freeze drying, the live rabies virus was preserved which in turn helped in the invention of the anti-rabies vaccine.

The concept of freeze drying homework help would help you to understand how this process is used in the medical science field. This process was also used during World War II to transport Blood serum from Europe to the US. Later on, it was used to preserve quite a number of perishable medicines for a longer time period. Now it is also used in food processing industries, water tank and also for the river – bottom sludge so that hydrocarbons can be analysis.

Uses of freeze drying in different areas

To help you with the concept of freeze drying homework help, we would like to focus on the applications of freeze drying.

  • Freeze drying in pharmaceutical and biotechnology- Freeze drying is used in the pharmaceutical industry to store vaccines, viruses and injections for a longer time. Freeze drying also help to store the medicines in dosage form. It is also used in the production of raw material in these industries.
  • Freeze drying in technological industries- In technological industry, freeze dry is used so that a product become more stable and easily dissolvable in water to serve various uses of the firm. The above process is also used in Nano purification. Freeze drying is also used for filtration purpose as it has the property of removing solvent.
  • Freeze drying and food and agriculture- It is used for processing and storing food crops, tobacco, peanuts etc. It is also used to produce astronaut food like freeze dry ice cream. It is also used in producing instant coffee irrespective of its high cost.

Steps used in freeze drying

There are four basis stages that are followed which using the concept of freeze drying homework help:

  1. Pretreatment – The first stage, used in freeze drying is pretreatment of the product prior to freeze drying. In this stage the product is first concentrated. Then substances are added to the product to increase its stability and post preserve appearance. The high vapor pressure is also reduced in this stage.
  2. Freezing the product- The next step, is to freeze the product. To freeze the product the material is first placed on a freeze drying flask and then it is rotated in shell freezer. At this stage the material is cool down below its triple point. The material is frozen to its lowest temperature where both its liquid and solid phase coexists. This result in the sublimation of the product.
  3. Primary drying the product- At this point the pressure is further lowered and a huge amount of heat is provided to the product so that the ice can sublime. Then the pressure is controlled through the help of partial vacuum. This is one of the most important stage in the freezing process.
  4. Secondary drying of the product- The last step, that is followed is the secondary drying of the product. In this stage all the unfrozen water molecule is completely removed. The above stage is conducted by the absorption isotherm process. In this stage the temperature is increased. This brings an end to the freeze drying process. Once all the stages are completed an inert gas is used to break the vacuum.

Different equipment and their uses in freeze drying

There is different equipment that is used for freeze drying process. This part of concept of freeze drying homework help would focus on this equipment. There are mainly three types of freeze dryers – the tray style freeze dryer, the rotatory freeze dryer and the manifold freeze dryer. One of the most important components used in the process of freeze drying is the vacuum that is used to remove the ambient air. The next important thing is the condenser which is use to freeze the material.

The rotary freeze dryer is used to obtain a more uniform freezing by rotation movements. Tray style dryer is generally used in the pharmaceutical purpose. It is generally used to freeze the tissue extracts that can be easily placed on the tray. The manifold freezer is generally used for freezing the liquid substances. These are generally used for perishable goods that would be used in a short time span.

Thus these are the different uses of the techniques used in freeze drying. This was a complete analysis of the concept of freeze drying homework help. As stated before, the concept of freeze drying is nothing new. It was invented way back and scientists are still working to improve the technology.