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The Concept of Air Powered Motorcycle Homework Help and More!

by Jun 4, 2017Homework Solutions

This blog is about the concept of air powered motorcycle homework help. The concept of running motorcycle with the help of compressed air is something new with which many students are not familiar with. The body of this blog has been divided into introduction, mechanism, advantages and disadvantages. Thus to get a clear idea and knowledge of air powered motorcycle, go through the block till end. You can also check out other online sites and blogs to know more about this.

 Firstly we have to understand what is meant by air power motor cycle? The engine of such vehicles is designed in such a way that it runs using compressed air. The air powered vehicle works on air engine. The compressed air that is used is stored in a tank. The air power motor vehicle is also known as a Compressed air vehicle. This type of air vehicles is used since the 19th century to run trams also mine locomotives.  In 1903 quite a number of compressed air vehicles were manufactured by the Liquid air Company located in London and England. Many companies till date manufacture the air powered motorcycles, the concept of which was developed from the Compressed air Vehicles.

How does an Air- Powered Motorcycle works?

As mentioned earlier, Air- power motorcycle works on the compressed air.  Unlike other vehicles which mixes fuels with air to burn them and run the piston, air- powered motorcycle uses only the compressed air to run the piston of the car. To build the air tank carbon fiber air tanks are connected to two rotary air engines. This would help to drive the rear wheels. The recharge is done via electricity. But it is better than motorcycles running on batteries as the time taken to recharge the tank is much lesser as compared to that of the batteries. But all this doesn’t mean that the speed of the Air- Power Motorcycle is any less. It is very fast and efficient. The tanks are designed according to the pressure vessel. There are service stations also available from which the tanks can be restored.

Advantages of an Air- powered Motorcycle

 Talking about the advantages, there are many advantages of an Air- Power Motorcycle some of which are listed below for concept of air powered motorcycle homework help.

  1. The usage of air-powered motorcycle reduces the amount of pollution that is emitted as compared to that emitted by other types of vehicles as it run on electricity.
  2. It reduces the cost of transportation of fuels from one place to another as it draws electricity from the electric grid.
  3. The size of the engine can be significantly reduced as compared to that of the normal vehicles.
  4. The cost of production of these types of vehicles is reduced by 20% as the cooling system is not needed.
  5. Not only the manufacturing cost is low but also the cost of maintenance of an air powered motor vehicle is very low.
  6. The engine is made of aluminum or plastic or low friction Teflon or a combination of the same. Hence the weights of the tanks are pretty low.
  7. These tanks can be recycled.
  8. There is no tension of degradation of the battery system.
  9. The time taken to fill the air tank is very less as compared to the time taken by the batteries.
  10. The price of running the air powered motorcycle is lower than that of running a car on petrol, diesel etc.
  11. Also since an air powered tank is lighter in weight; it causes less damage on the roads.

Disadvantages of using an Air- Powered Motorcycle

 Like any other thing, air-powered motorcycle also has its own sets of disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages that I am going to list in the air powered motorcycle homework help are as follow:

  1. The main and the most important disadvantage of an Air- Powered Motorcycle is the loss of energy. Since energy is converted from one form to another, it results in the loss of energy.
  2. A heat exchanger is used to run the tank. A heat exchanger can often be problematic and complicated.
  3. Though filling up the tank takes less amount of time but using a home compressor or a low graded compressor can increase the time to 4 hours.
  4. The capacity of storage of the tank is very low. Though the developers are trying to overcome this drawback.
  5. The tanks often get heated up while filling it. This is a problem.

How is the total pollution reduced through air- powered motor vehicle?

Like any other vehicle, the emission of the residual is done through the air pipe. But the next production of the pollutant that is emitted is reduced. Also since it works on electricity, the net pollution is reduced. In an air powered motor vehicle, the residual air that is discharged has less pollutant as is filtered before emission to protect the compressing machine. As a whole the pollution in the air is reduced and thus we can conclude by saying that is more ecofriendly.

Thus being a relatively not so well known concept, air- power motor cycle has its own sets of advantages as well as disadvantages. The research and development is working in order to improve this concept of running vehicles with the help of compressed air.