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Technology and Education- Can They Go Hand in Hand

by Nov 6, 2016Assignments

Education, as we knew it, once upon a time, has undergone several modifications and changes. The biggest change which it has undergone in the recent years is collaborating with technology. This has led to a new kind of education which is neither time-taking nor as manual as it used to be.
However, many people have their reservations about this new kind of cohesion and are analytical of the synthesis. Thus, when it comes to Technology and Education, one cannot help but ask whether they can go hand in hand or not.
General information- Technology:
Before applying it to the field of education, it is crucial to understand that technology has in fact been a great source of improvement and progress in the society. The ways in which we are affected positively by this phenomenon in everyday life have been stated below:

  • The way technology has encouraged growth and become a medium of everyday communication should be acknowledged.
  • Without technology, the world’s majority will be paralysed and unable to perform basic tasks of everyday life.
  • In terms of theprogress of gadgets and technical appliances, the world has not taken small steps but instead big leaps forward.
  • Technology has led to the creation of devices which make our work minimum, and manual labour is slowly going out of trend
  • It is the sole reason for saving a lot of time and energy of several persons
  • It has made the process of gathering information easier by making everything and everyone available at one place.

Hence, in conclusion, technology has been beneficial because it has made the world smaller and interconnected everyone.
Positive role of technology in education
Technology has a massive role to play in education over the last few years and the various gadgets flooding the market have allowed students different mediums to learn and to grow. In a nutshell, technology plays a positive role in the areas stated below:

  • Supports learning

Have you ever felt like screaming, “Help! Physics goes above my head.” There are so many students who fear certain subjects. It is technology which makes the task bearable and allows students the opportunity to explore and achieve the best possible results. Hence, if you need a support base when you are trying to learn, then that is your pillar of strength.

  • Motivates to learn

Not only do you attain a pillar of support but technological devices and the resources it exposes one to can actually motivate and encourage learners to be better and to try and improve themselves.
When you see a clear path that can help you be a better version of yourself you are bound to follow it. Technology is that path which lights the way from ignorance to education.

  • Grasp at individual pace

When you have resources of information at your disposal, it allows one to study and grasp knowledge at their own comfortable pace. This means that no more will it be required for students to memorise and understand everything in the classroom. Whatever information is missed out by them can be learnt on the internet.

  • Additional resources

Sometimes producing the class notes and the quotes and information in thelibrary do not fetch you the best grades. It is at this juncture that you need additional help not only to grasp knowledge but to improve and add on to old information in your notes. Only with improvisation and addition can you be the best.

  • Make them independent

When students stop depending on the teacher’s lectures or library books or even friends for help and start taking help of technical devices they grow independent. This independence is a prerogative requirement for the current life of each child which is filled with trials and tests. Therefore to provide students with exposure to the world and to allow them space to spread their wings and fly technological assistance becomes mandatory.
Thus, the positives are truly important, and despite the negative aspects they clearly outweigh them.
Negative role of technology in education
Several studies have indicated that even though technology can be useful in many dimensions of education, the negative role that it exhibits should not be overlooked. The ways it can be digressive to educational purposes are as follows:

  • Attention span is compromised

Research clearly shows that the use of excessive technology can lead to a compromise on theattention span of a child. When a child begins to get everything in the blink of an eye and each object produced on the screen of the technological gadget is attractive and loud then the student loses interests in books and studies. They always want something new to ensure entertainment and seldom pay attention to the teacher and their parents. This invariably will lead to a bunch of pupils who listen to no one, not even themselves.

  • Degrading spelling and grammar

Reality is that the more pupils converse in the language of texts the more their attitude towards English, the normal verse and prose decrease. They speak in short forms and abbreviations which are not expected from themajority of institutions. The need to curb this “texting language” is a priority.

  • Time span for studies is lessened

Instead of using it as a source of information and knowledge, most of the students make it a source of watching internet videos and songs or play games or even search the web. Now the social media websites are flooded with students and all of them use their study times to text, chat and upload pictures which are not desirable.

  • Source of distraction

All in all, it can be said that technology is not a source of help or assistance to the majority of the youth. Instead what it has turned into is a viral disease which leads to unnecessary and unwanted distraction. Students often lose their path and aim because of these gadgets and the distractions they produce.
Can they go hand in hand?
It is common to question whether despite the flaws of technology it can be used for good when it comes to education. The answer simply lies within oneself. If a person stays focused and knows exactly how to use technology for their benefit and not let it use them instead, then this can be a great medium of help.
In fact, with the proper use of the resources that are available here, one may reach the pinnacle of success. So the task of whether technology and education can go hand in hand depends on who is using it and for what purpose. So use wisely and make the best of it! This will surely help in your progress.