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Help! Physics Goes Above My Head

by Nov 6, 2016Physics

Fear is something which can lead to a lot of problems. Especially if you fear a subject you have to deal with most of your life like physics. Are you screaming for help because physics goes above your head? Well, rest assured you are not the only one who feels this way.
There are plenty of students who fear, dislike or find this subject hard or disinteresting. Some others simply need guidance and help to overcome their difficulty in grasping concepts and learning better.
Start with the basics
Most people often forget the importance of basics before you can start with physics in a fully fledged way you have to start by going over all the simple and crude ideas that you learn from day one. This can also be thoughtof a short duration of course or a revision of sorts.One of the reasons you hate the subject could be because you never really could comprehend or understand the simple ideas when you were younger.
Some of the reasons why you need to rehearse basics are:

  • They are usually the root of the problem
  • Rehearsal allows you to feel refreshed with all ideas before you start
  • At that time of learning perhaps there were distractions which caused your disinterest consequent disliked towards the subject?
  • Starting over is the only way to progress.

Numerical portions
It is important to understand that in physics, both theory and numerical hold equal value and the only way one may improve oneself is by working on the arithmetic portion. To improve this portion follows the steps given below:

  • Learn and rehearse formulas

The most important part of solving a problem isknowing the formulas involved in it. Start by making a list of the possible formulas you will need in solving the sums provided in your curriculum then after you jot them down, go through all of them individually learning not only the formula but what each variable means and where it applies.

  • Practice solving equations

After you understand the formulas shift your attention to the equations because in the subject whom you wish to ace these hold equal value. Begin by solving the simple ones and then proceed to more difficult problems and slowly make progress. This will go a long way in boosting your confidence.

  • Strengthen mathematical skills

To be skilled at this subject, you need to be good at mathematics. Now not everyone is born talented in this sphere. However lucky for you, mathematics can be learnt and understood if you are determined to improve. Work on your already existing skills and climb the ladder to excellence.

  • Study derivations

Put special emphasis on derivations because your improvement in the sphere of physics will depend on how well you understand and are able to perform derivations. Derivations simply mean to show where the formulas and units come from hence understanding this is crucial to the learning process.
Approaching the course
When an individual makes up their mind to improve and bring about positive changes in their understanding of a course then the approach adopted by them needs to be well thought out and dynamic. Read the tips below and plan accordingly:

  • Make use of different study methods

There are hundreds of techniques which can be adopted to bring positive change in studies. Often one finds themselves asking the question รขโ‚ฌล“Technology and education- Can they go hand in hand.รขโ‚ฌย
More often than not it is these methods which help a struggling student cope and even overcome their problems and difficulties. Hence make good sure of technology and browse for shortcuts and quick ways to master the concepts of the course.

  • Analyse the course

The only way to complete your course is by sitting down and analysing it. Begin by:

  1. Count the number of topics and sub-topics which the entire syllabus contains
  2. Then begin analyses how many of these topics you already know.
  3. Make a plan to tackle the topics at a pace you can cope with.
  4. Do not leave out subjects at the onset. Aim to complete the course.
  5. Start with the difficult topics which you normally would never touch and try to understand them.

It is important to go through this step because it helps the student to understand where they stand and what work needs to be done.

  • Participate in class

This might seem like a simple and perhaps even useless piece of advice. However, it is an authentic and actually beneficial anecdote to stop feeling helpless and confused. If you understand the concept when it is taught in class then half you work is done. After that, all that needs to do is a quick revision, and you are all set to sit for the examinations.

  • Study with diagrammatical representations

Often what auditory reception fails to do a combination of diagrammatic and auditory perceptions can ensure. This especially applies to physics because it deals with a lot of explanations of material objects that can be better understood with the help of pictures. Also when you read something out loud and match it to a picture it automatically makes more sense than a mere definition or explanation.

  • Practice regularly

Nothing was ever mastered overnight hence if a proper and authentic learning is what you are looking for then start by practising on a daily basis. It is okay to make mistakes as long as you understand where you went wrong and work not to repeat them.

  • Start early

It is detrimental to leave things for the last minute. Those who are weak in this particular discipline must certainly start ahead of time and make sure they keep enough time to learn and revise the material which they learn.
Keep a pace which is neither too slow that you lose interest nor too fast that you lose track of the information which you study.
Therefore, for those who need help and find physics extremely difficult to study need first to get a plan and then follow it in order to achieve success in the discipline.