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Studies and Entertainment- Two Sides of a Coin

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

Entertainment breaks the monotony in studies.  Breaks in between different studies session have always refreshed our mind. I don’t remember if I have wasted my breaks uselessly. I have always watched television or played games with friends. So this is pretty clear that entertaining intervals while studying is a must thing in a student’s life.
But I don’t want this interval thing to be misinterpreted because frequent intervals in between studies will distract your kid. Entertainment must be kept in mind but focusing first on education.
First of all, we must know some problems which arisedue to excessive studying that too without intervals:

  • Spending the whole day with books is, of course, Stress can invite depression and other issues with it.
  • Moreover, students who always keep themselves with books makes them inactive physically. Different health problems may arise from this. Obesity and related problems may also be observed.
  • Another issue is if parents force theirchild to study whole day long, then your kid will become a complete unsocial being.He or she willnever be able to interact with friends and family. People and crowd will disgust him gradually.
  • Sometimes even studying for hours can make thestudent feel in-secured. They might feel inferior from other friends. This thought will cause the student feels low and will lose self-confidence.

Moreover, what are those vacations meant for?
Obviously, those are supposed to relieve the students from the hectic daily mundane. So unless you give your child intervals with entertainment do not expect good grades from them. They are students after all not a robot. They have to study many subjects altogether. Such a tremendous pressure on about tests and exams. But tell me how will they even focus if they feel tired with these things?
Parents and teachers, it’s your duty to understand them, their mental condition. Suppose you are forcing your son to study but your son is in no state to study. What will you do then? That’s simple. Allowhim a time of an hour or two and leave him. Don’t interrupt. Your child will automatically start doing things that will make him feel betterthan before.Amazingly after that he will start studying skillfully.
Parenting has an important part which is understanding human psychology. It’s crucial to have a clear knowledge about your kids’ capacity to take in studies. You just can’t force to study more. That will not help; rather that might create problems at worst scenario. Let your child enjoy life, growing up, playing, and hanging out with friends. If not friends then television, video games. But those aren’t that good entertainer. Because those can have a negative impact too in a student’s life.In those cases make them participate in some extracurricular activities which your kid is interested. For example swimming, dance classes might help.
Now what we mean by intervals and entertainments for a student?
For a student entertainment can be: sports, watching television, swimming, dance classes, and singing, lastly being social, hanging out with friends and finally hanging out with friends.

  • Sports-Researchers compliment sports as the most compulsory important thing in a student’s life. They even say to allot some time for it on a daily basis. Sports may it be indoor or outdoor, brings mental and physical fitness. It is probably the best interval that will make a student fill relax after study sessions. Not only this, but it also helps improve concentration, dedication and patience.

Let me mention some outdoor games (we all must be knowing though)-cricket football, volleyball, tennis, badminton. Indoor games like- chess, Sudoku, word puzzle. But yes we must not forget that theseare just portions of a student’s life, not everything. So focus must always be on studies.

  • Television- The most valuable invention of science is television which is now considered as the most preferred time pass for all ages, especially students. Television always relieves from any mental state and helps to get rid of monotony. Various programs and shows of dance, drama, and songdelight There are so many channels to get entertained. You can make your child gain moral lessons. You can even encourage general knowledge from news channels. But it has to be kept in mind that everything has to be kept in a limit.

Television has its negative sides also. Excessive of watching televisions can make your child dumb. They might start wasting time on television; it will distract them in wrong directions. Anything worse may happen. So it is advisable to let your child watch television under proper supervision.

  • Being social and hanging out with friends- This will help students in developing lifelong connections with friends. Friends are always friends. It always feels good to be around them. So you can let your kid move out for some group discussions. Connecting with people, sharing problems with them, knowing about life more actually works out. Another best stress relieving factor. It will help to regain student’s mental and physical strength. Hence, they will be able to concentrate more on studies.
  • Using multimedia phones- The latest trend of theses modern days is this. Pupil spends hours after hours on texting, chatting on various social networking sites and apps. I am not telling that it is bad but using excessive of it is bad indeed. I know pupil who is just getting addicted to it. Interacting with people is cool but wasting time on it won’t help you students in your exams.

Here I could only mention a few of entertainments there are many other sources of entertainment. There is yet more to know on parenting goals- teaching styles and homework for your good, parents. But whatever it may be what have to keep in mind are studies. You are allowed to take a break from a hectic schedule only. That will make you feel stress-free. Only entertainment without studies will not help you anyway.
Hence here concluding in my own way.Study is necessary, and entertainment is equally needed. Students must take out time from their daily schedule for other co-curricularactivities. I promise a positive impact on a student’s present life, future life, their mental and physical health. But over indulgence in these activities is not expected.
So, parents and teachers, let’s start fresh!