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Steps to Make Your Child More Creative While Writing

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

You have perhaps faced the same deluding situation while completing your assignment and homework. The devastating consequences to write in perfect order. Okay, I admit that sometimes those manuscripts are far from perfect they are not even in order. The cure for this is best handled from an early age. Well I am not saying that it is too late. But if you try little harder for your children then they can write far better than before.
The first and foremost step is to:
“Remind yourself that it is okay not to be perfect.”
This is what you will teach your child. They might lose inspiration if pressurized from a simple failure. Motivate them further into the richness writing. If practiced properly, assignment and homework writing will also be a lot easier. They don’t have to think how to sort those solutions in order with extra time.
There are some simple steps involved in this matter. All you have to do is maintain their schedule and keep on pushing their urge to write with more creative zeal. Who knows you might even find your child to be the famous writer of the next generation!
So are you ready for these steps?

  • Step one: Reading for building basics:

Now it is a known fact that all creative writers are passionate about reading books. The reason is quite clear. Their love for books conducts their decision to write. So basically, when you are telling your child to become creative in their writing, you have to place some books in front of them. It is by various books that they will grab general notions about writing, such as:

  • Structure is what manipulates writing style. If your child doesn’t understand about structure in different writing then they will never understand creativity in writing.
  • The writers who have published their works of art and became famous have strong hold upon language. What words are proper and what words are pompous and useless in places should be known to a writer. So be ready to get some good books for your child with tight vocabularies and language applications.
  • It is only by reading your child will know about their own unique style. Copying will not suffice in few places. But it is only their unequalled and personal style that is necessary for their future purposes.
  • Step two: Involving with writing assistance:

This is now very easy a technique for children with continuous access on internet. These websites have trained teachers who will help in developing your children’s writing abilities. Their guidance provided for homework and assignments are unique in every direction. You can choose a level from beginners to advanced writing skills also.

  • Step three: Include writing in regular homework schedule:

It is completely upon you to fix your child’s homework schedule if he/she is too young to do this alone. If they are capable of this duty then be sure to check their homework routine for a week. If you are trying them to focus on creativity in writing, pursue them to include writing on multiple subjects at least once in a day.

  • Step four: Find out their specific genre:

This is one of the toughest tasks you have to handle. I mean get ready to find few ‘a spaceship attacking the Earth and your son is the rescuer!’ works from your boy. Even your daughter may fall underground and becoming Alice. Be sure to welcome them with open arms. Remember nobody become Bernard Shaw in their first attempt. Think about the age difference. Take those manuscripts in your hand and check few points on what genre your child prefers:

  • Read them carefully if it has connection with main branches like poetry, sci-fi, fiction, nonfiction, autobiography etc.
  • Find out their sub-categories. Some children are fond of writing short stories, some prefers novels and some finds joy in drama or comedy.
  • Cross check if your child is mixing main genres together or not? This might be troublesome. Take few moments and teach them about the difficulties faced in those works. After all, only well trained writers attempt those techniques. For beginners, it is best they maintain sequences.
  • Step five: How to begin and end:

Teach them their ways in and how they should commute till the end. Maintain rhythms in their illustrations and subjugate too many subplots. For starting they should concentrate on one main plot and one subplot if necessary. After finishing every paragraph tell them to read and omit all unnecessary extras. Tell them to memorize those errors so that they don’t repeat them. Be sure to advice on how memorization can bring success to you in school?

  • Step six: Focus on their inspirational sources:

As this will become clear to your children from reading books from an early stage, I am adjusting my points for your knowledge on things or inspirations your child prefers particularly.  Find them out and buy those books for them. They can like romance too. Please don’t stop them in selecting books for their own reading.
Philosophical works may not suit your child’s fresh and innocent mind. All you have to do is motivate them on reading those inspirational sourcescreated by different novelists, dramatists, essayists, poets etc.

  • Step seven: Read them aloud:

This step is the most important one and shouldn’t be judged as because it came at the very end of this list. This is only possible when your child has finished their piece of work. Tell them to read them aloud by themselves and check if everything is under serious conditions as they wanted them to be. There should not be any spelling mistakes and grammatical error according to them only.
After they finish their task and satisfied in their editing, take your chance and start the editing from your side. Check point errors if there is any and mention them to your child. Be sure to push them on the right direction. One piece of advice, grab every possible chance to praise their efforts. Only by complementing and not by abusing that you can complete your duties to make a child properly creative in their writing style.
“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”