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How Memorization Can Bring Success to You in School?

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

It is all about memory and memorization in school life when working hard to keep up with syllabus. Although you are taught how to gather sources and maintain balance in different subjects but still by day after day it becomes tougher. The only way out is to apply memorizing abilities and solve problems quicker. There are some ideas that imply memorizing things takes away your natural way to think and imagine but we are talking about huge homework and assignment schedules here. By the time you will finish thinking the deadline for assignment submission will be history.
This is exactly why I had always relied on memorizing things that can be memorized rather than calculate them once again. As for starting this post I would like to mention points by which you will know how this technique will be useful. These useful things will only work when you will never lose the enthusiasm to try little harder than before:
“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

  • While memorizing you learn about chunking:

This fact is quite unusual but rather than concentrating on the word ‘chunking’ focus on what I have to tell. This is a policy what you try when memorizing numbers such as numbers, codes, passwords etc. This small grouping method is very useful when you are dealing with huge assignments or regular studies.

  • It is simply dividing different information in groups and memorizing them in a row. You may think it sounds quite difficult but it is not. As for example if you try to remember vocabularies of any language, it is best to group them in things like occupational words, household words, daily words etc.
  • You can also try this method in history. All those dates and era can be memorized by year. Try memorizing events occurred on the same year and period rather than memorizing separately.
  • Understanding makes memory sharper:

If you are a science student then you already get what I mean. But I still like to explain it. Things that you don’t understand cannot be memorized. Your success in school depend on things how you use it in your career later and not scribble them on your exam paper by memorizing them.
For example, if your effort is on chemical solutions then rather memorizing them without any understanding try going to the lab and experiment. Only by that you will know facts much better and memorize them perfectly.

  • Proper memorization delivers full success:

By proper memorization I am talking about a full-proof and planned memorization. Just don’t go jump on your homework and start memorizing your texts for that matter. It is for future purpose so it is only clever to prepare a fertile soil for strong grip. Try searching for web sources to get proper assistance.
Learn from those online professional websites on matters you should keep in memory for future and those also you should avoid. Take assignment help if necessary to understand its strategy.

  • Visualization improves your memory:

I have had enough occasions to hear my friends say that their mind went blank after looking at the questions in the exam. You will not have to face this situation if you can visualize your studies in your head. Try focusing on things you like to memorize and visualize their order, causes, sequences and effects. Draw a conclusion or aftermath for that event depending on subject. At the end of this visualizing you’re going to face a complete cycle of events. That’s it no more black outs at the exam hall!

  • Connecting incidents help better memorization:

Your success is assured when this technique is properly practiced. You have to connect different incidents and then make a complete globe out of it. This way with one connecting event you can finally recall all other events at other ends very easily. This is best applied with vocabularies. I tried lot of synonyms to write same line twice and thrice.

  • Reasoning and memory doing miracles:

Do you like to debate and do lots of practice for quiz contests? Then these two traits are to be your best pals. All you have to do is situate memories in front seats and start applying reasons either in favor or not. The power to discuss matters in depth and doing researches for argument’s sake are all going to flourish your skills.

  • Memorization makes you a great story-teller:

Do you know all great artists and actors memorize lines for acting? Prompts are almost myths. So if your dream is flowing in that direction better start fuelling your ability to memorize. Grab your favorite story book and practice in front of a mirror. This trait will actually become useful when you have to play a role in school drama. Your popularity does matter for success in school.

  • Formal ways to write:

By memorizing you can improve in letter writings or doing great in assignments. If your parent is considering ontheir Steps to make your child more creative while writing then use it for better results. After all, your grades will improve with formularized writing styles in school homework and assignments.

  • No need for extra works:

I already mentioned this before. When the task can be done by memorizing it why use extra time to rethink and recalculate them again. This way, your brain will be capable to work on new things rather than remaining in older problems.
These are useful methods for not just school time but also later in professional life. Try focusing on things to memorize and grab success.
“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.”