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Spelling Homework Ideas That Will Get You Better Grades!

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

One of the major reasons a lot of us lose marks during out exams and tests is because of careless spelling mistakes. For some, spellings are not something that is very hard to master. While for others, there are a few common mistakes that we can’t help making. And then there are people who have genuine problems, like dyslexia, which make it extremely hard to master even the simplest of spellings. Having said all that, there are many ways to counter all of it. To every problem there is a reasonable solution. In this post we will go through a number of spelling homework ideas and ways to improve your study method!
Spelling homework ideas to try
Learning to perfect your parents is a rather difficult job. While in school, teachers put emphasis on the importance of spelling, but past the few primary years they do not really set a very strict curriculum for the learning of spellings. Because of this many students tend to slack off or not give spellings the importance they deserve.
This means that they lose a lot of marks during their tests. Another factor that ruins spellings is the way the youth of the today tend to communicate via text messaging. To save time and energy with something that has already been created for ease and convenience, they use abbreviated spellings. They do this so often, that when it comes to using complete and whole words they get confused and make mistakes.
Below are a few ways you can avoid making spelling mistakes and improve your spelling abilities.

  • Read

One way to definitely improve you spelling is by reading. Read whatever you can get your hands on whenever you can. This is a method that has been tried and tested over many years. Of course, it is wise to choose books that are worth reading. Even reading a book that isn’t critically acclaimed or has not received many bad reviews has something to teach you. Whenever you come across a new word, go over it a few times and try to memorize the spelling. Look it up in a dictionary to figure out what it means. If you know what the word implies or means, it will be easier for you to memorize. Commit the word to memory and use in your day to day conversations. Try to incorporate it wherever you can. The more you use a word, the harder it will be to forget. This is, by far, the best of the spelling homework ideas.

  • Write

One of the best methods for learning new spellings and remembering them has been scientifically proven. This method is writing. While taking down notes in class, or even writing a journal entry every day, it becomes easy to remember spellings. Even if you make a mistake, you can always check it with a dictionary or someone around and correct yourself. This is why most teachers encourage their kids to take down notes in class. Writing is a rather creative process as well, so it opens up your mind to a whole other universe that you may even be able to share with the world, one day.
If you can, ask someone to dictate a paragraph of a story book or something like that to improve the speed of your writing and spelling. This will also help you think of the difficult spellings without wasting a lot of time. Dictation is one of the best methods to improve spelling, which is why it is used in schools, especially in the lower classes.

  • Pay attention

Most kids when talking down notes that a teacher is calling out, fail to pay attention when the teacher is calling out a spelling for a difficult word. They think they can keep it for later but they never come back to it. Pay attention, if there is a word that is new to you or you are having difficulty spelling it, ask your teacher for help or assistance. Take down notes attentively and try to incorporate the new words and spellings into your daily life. This not only helps with spelling but it helps build up your vocabulary as well. All of these spelling homework ideas have manifold benefits that you can harness.

  • Do all your assignments

Do all the homework you get, whenever you get it. This will help you keep in touch with reading and writing, and ensures that you do not slack off. It will also keep you on track with your school work and homework. A lot of the homework given to younger kids in school involves writing and spelling activities. These activities are compulsory for kids to do so that they learn how to spell correctly. Pronunciation and intonation play a big role in how a person spells a particular word.
So, in order to spell a word correctly they will also need to know how to pronounce it. These activities also ensure that the kids remember the few grammatical rules that are involved with spelling. This is a life skill that they will be learning. So it is important that they do all their assignments instead of procrastinating. There are so many holiday homework ideas to keep students productive these days that it is hard to choose the right one. But always pick what works best for you and your student or child.
Homework ideas that will help

  • Stay organized

Whenever you’re about to do any of your spelling homework make sure you have everything you need. Also make sure that the space around you is neat. This neatness and space will help you open up your mind and allows your mind to process and take in whatever new information it receives.

  • Make notes

Whenever you are studying a particular text a good way to remember spellings and information is by writing down points of whatever you learn. This will give you a brief outline to look over for an exam later as well.
These are just a few ways that you can improve your spellings and learn more words. But over and above this what you will need is consistency and dedication to the task ahead. If you are not consistent or work hard, then you will not be able to learn as much as you would like. So keep these in mind the next time you are thinking about spelling homework ideas.