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Here Are Homework Excuses and Why You Should Avoid Them!

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

I think this is a safe forum where none of us have to pretend that we enjoy homework. Sometimes, the laziness tends to get to you, especially, after you’ve had a long exhausting day at school or college. It is only natural to feel the need to avoid homework, and later on give the teacher an excuse. Sometimes we can get away with the excuses but most times we can’t. However, it is not ideal that we avoid doing our assignments. In the long run, we will end up with piles of homework and not enough time. That kind of pressure is not easy to work under, but we can all admit to have resorted to homework excuses at one point or another.
Various homework excuses using in times of need
It is completely understandable, that often times, for no fault of your own; you may need an excuse or two to avoid doing homework. Coming up with good excuses isn’t as easy as it looks because most teachers know every possible excuse their students could come up with. In fact, they may have used some as well, in their days. Here a few techniques you should try, if you ever need to.

  • Go with the truth

Before you begin with the lies and long elaborate stories, you may want to try the truth. Telling the truth is more of a miracle worker than you would imagine. Your teacher will appreciate your honesty and let you off the hook. Regardless of how careless you may sound, there will always be satisfaction in being honest. Ensure that you explain clearly, why you couldn’t do your homework or why you forgot. Make sure that you don’t let yourself down. Once you give your reasons, apologize for your mistake and tell the teacher that it won’t happen again. Then you could proceed to ask for an extension.

  • Say that you couldn’t understand

It will be really hard for the teacher to punish you for not being able to understand something about your assignment. This is a rather legitimate reason for you to have incomplete homework. Sometimes, certain areas of our work can get confusing and complicated and we may not always be able to figure it out on your own. Explain this to your teacher, and ask her to help you out some more. She will probably give you another day or two to complete it as well. This is definitely one of the best homework excuses that have been tried and tested.

  • Creativity

If you’re feeling rebellious and want to take a risk then you could always try being creative. Your teacher may like the effort and uniqueness of your excuse. This is rare, but there’s no telling what could happen. Make sure you gauge your teacher’s mood before you attempt this. If he or she is in a bad mood then your entire plan could go south and you will be in a lot of trouble. This should be a last resort. It is not advisable that you do this, but you can pull it off if you are an extremely creative person. Even then, it is quite a risk. So understand the lines to be drawn and see that you don’t get into too much trouble in an effort to come up with good homework excuses.

  • Be confident

If you make it obvious that you are lying about why your homework isn’t done, then you may get into a lot more trouble. This is where saying the truth will help you. But if you are confident and sure about what you’re saying, your teacher will have little reason to doubt you. Being obvious will only get you into more trouble, so it is best to avoid lying unless you are confident about your abilities to do so. If you look and feel nervous, chances are that the teacher will notice. So, if you can buy your own act, your teacher will be able to as well.

  • It is not technology’s fault

We live in an age where everything can be backed up or stored online, and everything can also be fixed almost instantaneously. So, blaming your electronic devices is not the best way to go. Your professor will be able to see right through it. But this may still buy you a little bit of time till the evening to send it in. Ensure that you do this before 5pm. This will at least make your excuse seem somewhat believable.

  • Accept responsibility

Do not tell your teacher that you didn’t know about an assignment when an entire class did. This will show a complete lack of responsibility and unwillingness to do any work. Instead tell her that for some personal emergency or reason, you were unable to complete it. After this you may apologize and promise to bring it in the next day or ask for a reasonable extension on your deadline. This will also earn you respect with those in authority since you did not try to make the teacher seem ignorant or like he or she was to fault. If you want a quick way to get your homework done then you should check out how to get a lot of homework done quickly, so that you save yourself time and energy.
Why you should avoid excuses and do the work
There is a reason teachers set homework for students, and this is obviously an important one. Doing your homework ensures that you are up to date with all the work that is going in the class. Once you start lagging behind, it becomes very difficult to catch up. Doing regular work also means that you will be decently prepared for exams, and all you will need to do is brush up a little on the facts and figures, but your bases will be covered.
Another reason to avoid homework excuses is because repeatedly making an excuse earns you a bad reputation in your class and school, among those in authority and your peers. You have an image to uphold, and avoiding responsibility will only bring it down. At the end of the day, the habits you create now are what will guide you into your future. If you cannot handle minimum responsibility now, then handling a job and trying to balance your life will be very difficult.