The ratio of applied force to the resisting area of the body is known as simple stress. The expression of stress can be found by using different ways. It is divided by-

  • Normal Stress

Normal stress is the tensile or compressive stress which can be given by the ratio of force to the area of the member. It is denoted by .

  • Shear Stress

When the applied force is parallel to the resisting area, it causes shear. This type of stress is called shear stress. It is denoted by .

For example- the stress which can be developed because of acting of a couple on an object is the shear stress.

  • Bearing Stress

When an object is in contact with another object, the stress applied on the two separate objects due to pressure is known as bearing stress.

For example- the bearing stress can be determined for journal bearings or other types of bearings.

  • Thin-walled Pressure Vessel

When fluid or gas is flowing through a pipe under pressure, it tends to develop stress. This stress will be developed along its longitudinal section and circumference. The circumferential or hoop stress is always greater than longitudinal stress of a thin-walled pressure vessel.


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