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Short Description of How Women in Shakespearean Comedies Homework Answers Should Be

by Jun 15, 2017Homework Solutions

With so many variations in English literature, it is a right statement that if you can understand what literature hold for you, you can see its varied aspects. Being a literature student myself, I know the complicacies that most students can face when asked about Women in Shakespearean comedies homework answers for their assignment. There has been a constant aura of complications revolving around the female characters that used disguise and other activities to create the comedic effect.

But it is also a fact that students may not understand or express role of such women. In such situations, good help manuals can help to configure their characters and also assist you to write in an appropriate way. Here is an idea regarding few Shakespearean female characteristics and how they are represented in good academic help manuals.

  1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Titania

A fairy tricked into falling in love with a donkey-headed man

This has been one of the funniest setbacks in Shakespearean comedies. Imagine a fairy that is endowed with magic of unknown powers and graciousin nature, falls in love with a donkey-headed man. Although she is one of the powerful women in this play, she is also a victim of machination of Oberon (Fairy King).

Being a lady of higher gravity, she loses that when she is tricked into falling in love with Bottom (donkey-headed man). In that instance, a fearsome magical creature merely becomes a fawning creature whose head is fogged with love. When you further read help manuals to know more about Women in Shakespearean comedies homework answers, you will realize the humiliation Titania felt once the spell was broken. Her only crime to deserve such mistreatment was the care she had for the human child whom she took as her own.

In a very humorous way Shakespeare highlighted the fact that even if the world of human and fairies are apart, male chauvinistic society remains the same.But it is also another hard-hitting truth that Titania is not a lady depicting feminine oppression emblem.

  1. Twelfth Night – Olivia

A mature lady with a teenager’s heart

Being a dramatic character in this Shakespearean play, she is a lady with comical shades and also who acts like a teen. With her ever consuming feeling of love, she is the one who actively pursues Cesario (Viola). Even if she is extremely beautiful and an heiress, without brother and father, she does not have an idea how to balance her checkbook.

With the opening of the play, it is clear that Olivia is in her brother’s mourning. She expresses it by wearing a veil (black). Now in present scenario, it might have been a completely normal issue, but in this Shakespearean play, it is already made clear that this attitude is absolutely ridiculous. Pickle juice is what Shakespeare compares her tears with.Being in love with a lady, crying on her brother’s death is taken as comic elements.

One can only understand the reasons when going through excellent explanatory manuals like Women in Shakespearean comedies homework answers booklet. Such booklets explain why criticism was for women who followed their heart or openly showed their emotions.

  1. Much ado about nothing – Beatrice

A witty character speaking her mind without worrying about decorum

Amongst the Shakespearean comedies, Beatrice is one of the witty and talkative characters. She is a character who closely interacts with the readers and encourages people for self-assertiveness and gender equality. Where the other character Hero, Beatrice’s cousin isof shy nature, Beatrice is not afraid to admit her cunningness. Via good help manuals, you can also understand that Beatrice is not afraid to state her mind and worry about any decorum.

Asshe has a way with word manipulation and a sharp tongue, Shakespeare described this quality as a naturally humorous ability. Even if she is hurt, she does not try to cover it. You can see her open declaration of feeling towards Benedick with anger, wariness, and scorn. Still being a lady, it is a residual action for the deeply embedded affection and desire she has for him. This is not just humor bit also irony.

  1. The Merchant of Venice – Portia

Changing identities and gender reversal

Such portrayal by Portia is a contribution of Shakespeare as Women in Shakespearean comedies homework answers. Via this manual, you come to know about 2 major elements for gender reversal role. This contribution is about combing effect of sociological analysis and psychoanalytical theory.

When women in that society always had to leave for any work, they had to be accompanied by assistants. Here Shakespeare wanted to highlight the impact of changing identities and the depiction of the experience and freedom a woman has when in man’s cloth.

  1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Helena

Love-strickenlady caught between 2 lovers

Hermia has always been in love with Lysander. And her love was so profound that she was ready to disobey her father Egeus and elope with her lover. With another set of friends in tow, Helena and Demetrius, she started her journey.

Although it was because of the mistake of Puck, the mischievous fairy, Helena became the main attraction. This play is a hilarious description of magic, misconceptions and finally having more than requirement. Where Helena wished onlythe love of Demetrius, she becomes a prized possession for whom Lysander and Demetrius are ready to fight and kill.

There have been a lot many problematic sections when it comes to deciphering the thoughts that Shakespeare had in mind when creating such characters. With many claims and controversial assertion;portrayal of ladies has always been a difficult aspect when you try to do it without help. But you can easily get a quick and simple explanation with the help of Women in Shakespearean comedies homework answers booklets.

Going through these manuals, you can understand that you cannot compare the comedies of such high level with silly jokes.The idea of Shakespeare was to make people aware of issues like social ambition, treachery, sex, love, gender reversal and much more in the guise of humor.