Purpose, Nature and Impact of Teamwork

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Purpose, Nature and Impact of Teamwork

The fact that the idea of team work reduces the net effort that a project demands by a considerable margin. This is perhaps one of the key aspects as to why individuals opt for this option in the first place. In the event that these individuals come across any sort of conflicts as far as the various members of the team are concerned, it is important for the various members to resolves the issue on mutual ground. This is of utmost importance so as to ensure that the same issue doesn’t come up in the near future. In the event that a team comes across an individual whose existence in the team might as well hamper the performance of the other team members irrespective of whether that team member is efficient at his or her work or not, it is imperative that the very same team member is removed in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the team.

When talking about working in a team, one of the major aspects that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that the various members of the team ought to have their very own viewpoints. One thing is for certain that while working in a team, several conflicts ought to arise between the view points of the various team members, hence it is extremely important for the members who are in charge of the entire team to ensure that these disputes are settled in such a manner that the interests of the various members are kept intact. This is turn is an approach that must be followed irrespective of the type of project a particular team is working on.

The definition of team work various from person to person and as a result, what one member expects from his or her team may vary from what the other member have to expect. In addition to this, the criteria of working in a team also varies from person to person which is perhaps a major issues as far as the various teams are concerned. The main idea behind teamwork is high level of performance. Most of the individuals who are considering the idea of team work ought to look out for high yield. To emphasize on this aspect even further, all an individual needs to do is consider the example of Blyton and Bacon in the year 2003. If you had as sort of doubt as of now, all your queries ought to be answered once you go through the example. In the example mention above, the sole areas of attention is to provide high production teams. In order to understand this even further, let us take into account a small example, the reference of this example has also been used under the scope of Chapter 3. Let us assume that your company has received a software development project. Now, what is a software? It is basically an application that makes the task of the user a lot easier. It in turn comprises of a front in that needs to be designed using a visual studio and a back end that mainly comprises of the database of the entire software. This backend data base will in turn need a separate software to be designed and managed such as oracle 10g or MS Access. There are various other software’s that can be used for designing the front end and developing the back end respectively. Now, you can expect a single individual to excel both in case of front end and back end applications. As a result, it is extremely important to form a team where in a group of individuals excel at front end designing whereas the other group excels in database management. In addition to this, there must be a team that ought to focus on linking the front end to the back end database. Hence, you can easily understand that carrying out a project can’t be the task for a single individual, you will without a doubt need a TEAM to carry out the entire project. This idea holds for all projects irrespective of its type.

There are various other types of approaches that the manager of the company ought to opt for as far as the development of a particular project is concerned. For example, the project might as well be divided into various subroutines and the subroutines may be handed over to the respective teams. This is without a doubt an effective approach, however, the companies will indeed prefer having a single team deal with a single project and as a result most of the teams of the modern era are heterogeneous in their composition. The entire idea focuses on providing the various employees with some sort of empowerment which will in turn result in greater yield, i.e. it will facilitate the development process. As a result, the importance of teamwork can be clearly understood here. This is turn will play a huge role as far as bringing out the full potential of the various employees are concerned. This is something that is a lot more prevalent as far as the various flatter organizations are concerned. The differentials of the status of these organizations are generally diminished.


2002’s Sharpe investigates how cooperation was ordered by a get together group with 22 partners and a group pioneer on a production of greenfield site of a United Kingdom backup of a firm that was owned by Japan. Group gatherings were held toward the start of consistently and without a doubt, these gatherings were indeed a focal component of administration control. In this control, a singular execution was talked about and those partners making deficiencies were perceived. The boss planned to diminish blames through building up an inspirational mentality and empowering an awareness of other’s expectations among the group to guarantee enhanced execution. The common thing amongst the various groups was that the removal of the tenure for breaks all together, and from different groups, in a Porsche area where generation diagrams were shown, and without a doubt, this was efficiently used to build up a feeling of group and sense of duty regarding shared goals. This group showed high level of co-operation, reliance and correspondence which gave an appropriate setting to the improvement of camaraderie and unitary objectives, and a feeling of not disappointing the group. As occupations were related there was expanded weight on the group partners so as to ensure that line of assembling wasn’t halted, as the slack in due dates ought to be minimal under all sorts of circumstances. In any case, every part had a major procedure so as to ensure that the quality was maintained. This was done by checking each individuals work before the person who was to follow in the line, and had to squeeze “red” in the event that he or she came across any sort of quality concern. He or she did so in order to halt the line and in turn send a report regarding the various quality issues when they happened. By and by this framework was additionally used in order to express threat against another specialist individuals who were in an inner circle that wasn’t same as the current one. On the other hand, keeping in mind the end goal to ensure companions, partners would not squeeze red in the event that a blame had been listed in front of them. At this point, these individuals must help their companions out sometime later so as to ensure that the need to squeeze red doesn’t arise any time soon. Squeezing the red was additionally utilized as a type of challenge when the entire group was of the opinion that the task received by them was an excessively difficult one.

The member of the team who were in charge of the entire team had the major objective of ensuring that the lifestyle of the various employees in the group is greatly enhance. This is perhaps one of the key points that the authorities of a particular team look out for. They do this by providing their employees with a much wider range of options and by placing them in an environment that is an extremely healthy one. The major reasons behind the increase in the level of performance is the fact that the various teams of the modern era are extremely flexible and the members of the various teams can quite easily communicate with each other. Sweden’s Volvo is perhaps one of the most popular teams in the world. The teams of the modern era such as the Natalee etal established in 1998 aim out outweighing the performance of the other teams by ruling out the various methods that were initially used by the other teams. As per the professionals who exceled as far as team work was considered, there were various individuals who believed that the amount of flexibility brought in by the idea of team work in turn reduced the net efficiency of the entire team. As a result, in recent years, there have been several instances where in various companies have turned to alternative methods in order to ensure that the level of efficiency is preserved.

All in all, what do you understand by the term group? How can it vary from the various gatherings in associations? A group can be very often be portrayed as something that is more than what the entirety of the various individuals who were a part. As such, a group requests cooperative, not aggressive, exertion, where every part assumes liability for the execution of the group instead of simply their own particular individual execution. The group is what is of utmost important, it is what comes before anything or anyone else, the next comes the various individuals who are a part of the group, and the other things the individuals do is outfitted as long as the various objectives of the group are on track. On the off chance that you think about a football group, a surgical group or a symphony, it is less demanding to perceive how every part is appointed a specific part contingent upon their aptitudes and how people utilize their abilities for the usefulness of the group execution instead of specifically utilizing them for individual accomplishment. Let us now consider a game of football, for instance, a footballer keeps running towards the objective would pass the ball to his or her teammate whose position is a lot better as far as goal scoring opportunities are concerned. In this game, the individual’s skills and magnificence of a particular player isn’t what counts the most. What counts the most here is the outcome of the game which would be on the basis of a team. According to the definitions of the 1993 Mox on a group has a typical reason; concurred standards and qualities which control conduct; individuals with associated capacities and an acknowledgment of group personality. 1993’s Smith and Katzenbach and 1997’s Katzenbach have additionally depicted the distinctions that they consider amongst groups and work-gatherings, and distinguish groups as including people with corresponding abilities, shared positions of authority, common responsibility and a particular group reason, among different characteristics. In associations this devotion just happens when people are completely dedicated to the group’s objectives. This dedication gets from an inclusion in stating the manner in which the various objectives are to be fulfilled and in addition to this, they must also have the ability to settle on choices inside groups instead of being subject to the understanding of outer administration. These are especially attributes of self-overseeing groups. Authoritative groups vary, however, as far as their impermanent or changeless nature, the compatibility of individual individuals and errands and the expansiveness of assignments or capacities held inside the group:

  • Span of time: Under most circumstances, the various teams are brought together on the basis of a certain task that needs to be fulfilled or a certain problem that ought to be sorted. Once this issue is resolved, then one thing is for certain that the team has no more purposes to serve. As a result, the best possible solution here is to dissolve the team which is what happens under most circumstances.
  • The idea of interchangeability among the various teams: Another common situation that may arise is that there may be a change in the nature of the skills that one expects from the members of a particular team. Under such circumstances, it is not certain that all the individuals will be able to or will be willing to learn the new skills that are being expected from them. What happens mostly under such circumstances is that the team is often resolved and a new team is formed keeping in mind the various things that one would demand from the members.
  • Leadership: In the modern era, one ought to come across by several teams that aren’t governed by a single entity. A particular team may have a leader who is altered at a regular interval. However, this team may be resolved as well depending on the opinions of the various governing bodies of the team.
  • Range of functions and tasks that a team needs to perform: There are various instances where in a particular team may need to perform an extremely wide range of functions. Under such circumstances, it is not necessary that all the individuals of the team will excel in all the functions that the team has to perform. In the event that the governing bodies of the team end up believing that this is what must happen, then there are high chances that most of the members of the team are going to resign and as a result, the team ought to be dissolved.

Let me now take your attention to the figure that is given below. If an individual examines this figure carefully, he or she ought to come across the fact that the various types of teams in this world can be represented on the basis of a mutual framework comprising of the rate of operation and the interchangeability of the team. These are certain aspects that ought to be highlighted in details under the scope of this chapter.

Purpose, Nature and Impact of Teamwork 1

In this chapter, we will be limiting ourselves to predominantly four types of teams, namely the teams for management at the cross functional level, teams for resolving disputes, teams comprising of various departments and lastly teams that offer their services or products. One we are done with that, we will be moving on to the various factors that affect these teams and the manner in which they do so. Once we are through with these aspects, one thing is for certain that our tasks ought to be reduced by a considerable margin.


Purpose, Nature and Impact of Teamwork 2


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