Product of Vector a by Scalar M

Scalar is defined as a measurement of any medium that strictly performed in magnitude.

Vector is a measurement that helps to define both magnitude of medium and direction of movement in which medium has taken.

The product of Vector A by scalar m is said to be m=MA. Therefore, mA is said to be a vector which says that it has the same direction like that of A and magnitude of m.

Though vector and scalars can help to represent different types of quantities and this helps to interact. When a scalar is added to vector it is said to be impossible due to difference in dimension in space. It is convenient to multiply a vector by a scalar. Though a scalar, can never be multiplied by vector.

In order to multiply vector by scalar, then it is necessary simply multiply the same components, i.e., vector’s magnitude by scalar’s magnitude. This will help to derive a new vector that come along with same direction while the product has two magnitudes.

Product of vector a by scalar m 1


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