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Persuasive Speech Topics: How to Capture Everyone’s Attention with Your Speech?

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

Firstly, you have to learn properly about the topic you intend to speak on. If you are not yet quite well versed with the topic, you have to indulge in some research and learn as much as possible. If your topic is debatable in nature, it is wise to know about different arguments regarding an issue. You can be making an argument, but people you regard you highly when you address views of the other side too. Reading books on this topic will help you out. You can go to a library and ask the librarian for books and prepare well for persuasive speech topics.
Your speech needs to voice some opinions. The information that you are using therefore needs to come from reliable sources.  Views of other people regarding this topic needs to be known from beforehand. These articles however should not be your only source of information. The final outcome or what you wish to achieve through your speech needs to be quite clear in your mind. You can also take idea for Way to start and Capture audience attention. You have to bring out your points accordingly. You should be convincing your audience about your viewpoint by choosing persuasive speech topics.
Should boys and girls sit separately in classes?
This has been a raging topic for discussion and is among persuasive speech topics. The education being imparted to students is same, whether you are in a co-educational institute or a mono-gender based one. Some people believe that students need to be educated using many diverse methods of teaching. Many surveys and researches have shown that grades of pupils improve when they are in single-sex institutes rather than the co-ed ones. The functioning of the brain of boys and girls are different. Hence many people feel they deserve separate slots for education. However, the way of thinking of boys and girls can intermingle in a co-ed classroom and result in something unique altogether.
The reason, for which boys and girls should be taught together according to many people, is that, school or college is not the final frontier. The boys and girls grow up to be men and women and join the workforce in offices. Here, the opposite genders have to interact and work together. Hence both boys and girls have to be habituated to staying together. These points can form the persuasive speech topics. The social as well as other similar viewpoints need to be upheld before segregating people on the basis of gender.
Should computer-based notebooks replace textbooks of students?
The thing that most educationists have in their mind in present times is how much technology has to be applied in classrooms. The battle between textbook and computer notebooks have been in progress for quite some time now. More and more technology equipped gadgets are making their way into classrooms in recent times. Computers are undoubtedly powerful tools and are used in every step of life. Hence this has been presented as one of the persuasive speech topics. The new information gets added to digital lesson plans, as soon as a topic gets completed. Therefore, students are able to learn new things faster.
Excessive usage
The rampant use of computers ensures that students are spending more time in front of computers instead of actually studying. Students tend to get attracted by social networking sites as well as other distractions, reducing the time spent in studying. Higher costs involved with different devices, means not everyone can afford the digital as well as online education. The textbooks on the other hand, have been since time immemorial provided students with great results. Therefore, these become enduring and persuasive speech topics.
Are space explorations worth all the money?
There are many developed countries which have spent a lot of money on space exploration. A separate part of the country’s budget, is allocated for this kind of space exploration. Many people believe that these explorations are essential for progress of science in future. There are people against allocating large sums behind space explorations making it one of the persuasive speech topics. The space explorations ensure that different kinds of threats that Earth as a planet can encounter in outer space, get detected from beforehand. Different countries can therefore work together as a team and prepare against such problems.
There are lots of issues on face of planet Earth itself, which have not got resolved yet. These issues include climate change, poverty etc, that needs to be eradicated. Hence people complain that government spends too much behind space explorations leaving problems on face of earth itself unattended. People have to say that governments have to work and spend money on welfare of people. Arguments for or against this topic is quite valid in nature. Hence it definitely grows into persuasive speech topics.
Should students be allowed to use cellphone inside schools?
This very topic creates divided opinions among students as well as their parents making it one among really persuasive speech topics. Many parents want the children to carry cell phones as they stay at a great distance from the schools and colleges. If a child is unable to return home, then the parent can be informed with the help of a phone call. However, the students will of course not make use of the phones inside their classroom. This will cause a disturbance and distraction in the whole class.
Educational purpose
The phone can definitely be used for many educational purposes. You can do research work as well as projects and calculations with the help of the phone. Even monetary transactions are now possible by usage of phones. However, children should not be taking photos in classes and later upload them to social networking sites. A very simple reason for which students are prohibited from carrying their phones is that they can cheat during examinations using their phones. The fact that phones can be used during cases of emergency, tilts the balance in favour of its usage. Therefore, as a part of persuasive speech topics, you can definitely say that usage of phones should be limited in schools.