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Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School: Way to Present Ideas About Different Essay Topics Effectively to Engross Readers

by Aug 30, 2018Essay

When you wish to write a proper essay, you have to first get control over different thoughts and ideas moving around in your head. After organizing your thoughts, you begin to put it on paper. As you go about putting these thoughts on paper, you will be able to establish links and connections between these ideas soon. You can even make use of diagrams and outlines to get all your ideas together. If you are really looking for persuasive essay topics for middle school, then you must create diagram for your essay. You can write the topic for your essay in the middle of a page and create branches off it. These branches are represented by lines originating from main topic.
Creating an outline of your topic can also help you to proceed properly. In order to do this, you have to write the topic at the top of a page. From this position you begin listing your ideas and leave a little gap between each. The space that you leave can be used for writing more things concerned with the main purpose. This will help you to see connections and you will be able to write about persuasive essay topics for middle school.
Is it right to use animals in scientific experiments?
Different scientists are often known to make use of animals for conducting different science experiments. The ethics of the research of course prohibits the use of human beings for these experiments. However, that does not justify the usage of animals. It is actually a violation of rights of animals. In the pharmacological industry, it has become quite common to make use of animals for different experiments. The new drug before being brought out in markets need to be tested on such animals. Hence this can become one of the persuasive essay topics for middle school, as this debate still rages on.
Two fundamental reasons exist for people to oppose use of rabbits or mice for experiments in research laboratories. Only primates are genetically close to human beings hence conducting experiments on smaller animals not related genetically to humans can cause wrong inference from research. Different animals being used in experiments, get hurt physically as they are injected with various substances, multiple times during a day. Many side effects of drugs also cause these animals to die a slow and painful death. You can really write on these persuasive essay topics for middle school.
Discussing effectiveness of the death penalty
The basic belief behind issuing a death penalty is that the prospect of death befalling a person on committing a crime would make others think twice before doing similar things. Most people are in support of death penalty whereas others are not too sure about its effectiveness. Many criminologist themselves believe that this mode of punishment is not really effective in eradicating crimes. This is really one of the burning persuasive essay topics for middle school. People have to ponder to a large extent before giving a verdict regarding it.
The people going against death penalty argue that many instances of homicidal rates going down in an area with abolition of death penalty. Also a person committing a crime after meticulous planning will not be affected much by these death penalties. Different mentally ill people having no idea about death and its consequences will also not be deterred by these penalties. The duration of time between passing of a sentence and its execution is also often long and people often stop following such lengthy trials. Hence you can write either for or against regarding these persuasive essay topics for middle school.
Are you becoming too dependent on computers?
Different computers have come into the market in the present times owing to their great ability to perform tasks quite fast. The sole purpose behind invention of computers was to make life easier for people. People nowadays even make use of computers to socialize with others. This has in a way made people really dependent on computers. Research has shown that students simply copy their assignments from the internet and submit them. This has led to a fall in their independent thinking. The creative flair of students also gets destroyed in this manner.
The students, who are new to education, are often known to struggle with spellings. This is because they have become used to the SMS lingo. The cyber world is essentially a virtual world. People tend to spend more time in this virtual world more than real world. As a result of this, communication skills of individuals are weak. People also tend to become obese as they spend more and more time sitting in one place. You can therefore definitely choose these persuasive essay topics for middle school. The over dependence on computers hence needs to be decreased definitely.
Why endangered animals need to be saved?
There are lots of animals on this planet that are on verge of going extinct. We may lose these animals completely, forever as there are really few of them left on the planet. Lots of money as well as time must be put in in order to save these animals. The process of extinction has been there since time immemorial. However, extinction of animals like Orangutan has occurred very rapidly owing to activities of human beings such as destruction of habitats of these animals. The animals need to be preserved simply because future generations need to see such animals with their own eyes.
The balance of nature will be maintained if every element of an ecosystem is preserved. All flora and fauna of this ecosystem, is connected in some way or other. If this balance is destroyed with animals going extinct then entire food chain will be disrupted and all species would die. Writing and supporting saving of endangered animals will make for persuasive essay topics for middle school. If plants and animals keep going extinct then we will lose scope for developing new products, medicines derived from these sources. Hence they have to be protected for a better future.