Motivate Your Child To Do Homework, Instead Of Screaming ‘Is This Your Homework Larry?’

‘Is this your homework Larry?’ Often parents shout like this tointerrogatewhether the homework of his or her child complete or not.Parents play a major role in the educational life of a student. All parents are well aware that homework is a necessary element for acquiring more knowledge. So, they are the best person who can help motivate their child and make them understand the basic advantages of homework.

Instead of shouting and demotivating, there are many other possible methods by which you can inspire your child in doing the homework neatly and within a given time. Let us have a look at how parents can help their ward in doing the homework fast.

Tips on how parents can help their child in completing their daily homework fast:

It is true that doing homework is both frustrating and time- consuming at times. Apart from these factors, homework is actually an effective way of learning by own self. It is far better to let your child understand the benefits of timemanagement than shouting all time like ‘Is this your homework Larry?’ or ‘Are you still struggling with your homework?’

  • Remove all sorts of distractions from the study room of your child. Make sure that other members of your family do not make any unnecessary noise as it may divert your child’s mind. Concentration helps in doing any work faster. So, help your son or daughter to focus at first.

When your kid starts with the work,remove mobile phones and video games from the room.It is better to switch off the television, personal computers or music player so that your child can complete the work faster.

  • Being responsible parents, it is your responsibility to provide privacy to your child while he or she is about to do homework. Besides letting your kid being comfortable, privacy actuallyhelps in focusing on the work.
  • Inform the family members or siblings of your child not to disturb him or her so that the privacy is maintained. Instead of screaming at your child like ‘Is this your homework Larry?’ it is better to control the movement of the other people so that your kid can complete the homework faster.
  • You should understand the homework at first so that it becomes easier for you to explain it to your child. This is another effective way of letting your child do faster homework. Remember one thing that you are the best guide of your daughter or son. So, if you can’t provide proper guidance, then nobody else will be able to do so.

Utilize the time your child is playing or watching go through the lessons taught in school.

  • Education counselors recommend that a child must not study or sit for doing homework in the bedroom. Why so? The simple reason behind this suggestion is that the kid may feel lazy or somehow distracted. So, again it is the duty of the parents to make their ward understand that it is better to study at a desk or table.

The workplace or study room must be well organized and clean. Your child may lose the necessary things if you let him or her do the homework in an untidy place.

  • Set aspecific time for individual subjects. Check how much time is your ward is taking to complete each. If your child is taking lots of time in doing the homework of a particular subject, for example- Math, help them understand easier methods of calculations.

You can encourage your ward to try different possible calculating techniques.

Will you feel like shouting ‘Is this your homework Larry?’, if your child completes the entire homework very fast? Of course, not! To motivate your kid for doing the work on time, give them small gifts like story books, more time play, pencil- box, etc.

Now, have a look at how you can motivate your child to do their homework.

Motivational strategies used by parents for making their child do the homework:

  1. The best way of motivation is by setting specific and well- defined goals. You can apply a trick over here. Inform your child that if he or she is unable to complete the work, then giving punishment will be the only option. As well as, if the result is positive, then a surprise reward is waiting at the door.
  2. Teaching value induction is one more effective way of inspiring your child. Now, you might be wondering what value induction is and how will it help in motivating. It is inducing your values within the mind of your child for his or her better future.
  3. Embrace your ward’s imperfections and make him or her understand the possible ways of being almost perfect while dealing with homework. It will inspire your child to be more active and responsible enough.

So, now is time for almost all parents to help their child with their homework instead of scaring them with your shouts like ‘Is this your homework Larry?’

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