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Can I Copy Your Homework? – Know the Side Effects

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Help

There is no running from the fact that homework is a huge part of the life of any learner. The most interesting fact about these assignments is that most students hate doing them. In the long run however they are extremely useful in allowing the child to cope with their studies and learn through the method of continuous rehearsal and practice.

Can I copy your homework is a common question that we have asked a friend or classmate at some point in our lives. Sometimes there are real reasons why we are unable to do our home assignment, but at times laziness or unwillingness to attempt the work makes us weary of homework. This needs to be avoided as it can have several side-effects.

Importance of homework

To all those students and youngsters who feel that they are wasting their time with homework and they could be doing more productive tasks, you could not be more wrong. As a young mind, it is likely to think this way, but homework has a ton of useful purposes. The importance of homework is as follows:

  • Daily practice

It cannot be avoided that daily practice is one of the main advantages of homework. When it comes to subjects like mathematics or those with numerical problems or algorithms and complicated theories in them this routine practice can help pupils to become more independent and better equipped to solve these sums in the future.

  • Reinforced learning

If you are studying a subject which is not your forte but you need to gain good grades in them for your ultimate GPA. It can be wise to take the homework seriously. Since it is known to reinforce what is learned in class. These regular tasks could help you master those subjects or ideas that were initially hard for you to grasp. When you are learning about a particular author or scientist along with their theories, it could be wise to use homework as a tool to ensure that you do not have to give it regular attention yet learn it effortlessly.

  • Time management

When you ask someone can I copy your homework? You are losing out on the chance to train yourself in important skills like time management. As you go on in life, these skills will be extremely necessary to cope with the amount of workload placed before you. Therefore start doing your home assignments and notice the difference.

  • Discovering better learning methods or materials

When you begin to do your ownwork, it will lead you to conduct research on alternative methods of study and places where you could collect information. One of the primary sources which you could use is online help websites which offer a plethora of assistance including online tutors and research papers.

  • Clearing doubts

If you are a slow learner then might have certain doubts regarding new topics which are taught. The best way to identify these doubts and resolve them is by doing home assignments. When you attempt to do these assignments, make sure that each doubt is instantly resolved either by your teacher or online help sites. So asking can I copy your homework can be negative for you in the long run.

  • Self development

It is important to make sure that you are doing your homework so that there is complete self-development. When you do these tasks you will come to realize that your self-confidence will increase, your self-concepts will become clearer and it will help you learn to focus, concentrate and self-study.

Hence it will be really unfortunate for your self-growth if you are ignorant of home assignments.

Side-effects of homework sharing

Even though you may think that you are a good friend or a helpful person if you give in to someone when they say can I copy your homework but in reality it can have a lot of harmful side-effects that could be long lasting. They are as follows:

  • Lack of self-dependency

When you start copying homework from others, it makes you lose the quality of self-dependency. This might seem far-fetched, but in the long run, if you begin to depend on others rather than yourself it will be extremely dangerous for you. Learn to do your work to the best of your ability for yourself. It will fill you with immense confidence when you get a good grade. If you make mistakes, you can learn from them and do better in the next assignment.

  • Potential penalization for copying

If two or more people submit similar answers than more often than not there is a possibility that you will be heavily penalized by your teacher. When it comes to the notice of your teacher that you have submitted an assignment which is almost or completely identical to another it can lead to canceling of your work or lead to deduction of grades. It also gives a bad impression, and it will be hard to improve your grades later.

  • Equivalent to plagiarism

What most people cleverly overlook to ensure that they do not feel guilty of copying from others is that it is a form of plagiarism. When you ask can I copy your homework it simply means that you are copying word to word from another person rather than the internet.This does not diffuse what you are doing and hence could be potentially harmful for your evaluation.

  • Losing exclusivity

Your work is your own responsibility and has been created by you using your own creative ideas or thoughts. Therefore when you allow others to cheat from you or copy your work you are literally allowing them to claim that your ideas are theirs. Also from a personal standpoint when you are working hard to do your work on time it is unfair to let someone else get the same grade as you putting in no effort.

  • Inculcating a bad habit

When you let others copy your work or copy the work of another it lets a bad habit grow within you which can be extremely harmful. The best way to avoid this and become a more responsible and hard working individual is by doing your own work on time. Taking the help of others is not bad. One could even consider online tutoring or take data from online research papers, but it is not right to straight away copy the ideas from another person.

Therefore do not give in when someone asks you can I copy your homework, instead teach them to work hard and get the grade their efforts can reap. Suggest methods of online help to those in need to make their work easier.