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Less of a Lecture and More of a Lesson – a Perspective into a University Student’s Life:

by Aug 22, 2016Assignment Help

For a long time, the lecture technique was the most utilized instructional methodology as a part of University classrooms.The benefit of the lecture technique is that it gives an approach to convey a lot of information to large audience, but due to inactive participation of students, it makes them forget quickly what is taught in classes. Studies show that university students in classes with conventional lectures fail 1.5 times more than the students in classes that are using more dynamic learning strategies.But before we jump on how let us first try to explore the reasons; what makes it so important to lessen the lecture:

  1. Less participation, cut back on interest:

As a human, we all love to be considered an important part of any event that takes place in our lives. Just like that, a student, too,wants his importance to be felt be it in a classroom!! Without active participation, students are surrounded by boredom and eventually they get lost in their own fantasies and finally lose their interest in what actually is being taught.

  1. Students are not typewriters:

Lectures make students take notes, yet note-taking is sometimes taught, which hugely lessens the effectiveness of the lecture. Note Giving- not a wise thought!

  1. One chomp at the cherry:

In the event that something is not understood on first introduction, there is no likelihood that it would be understood in near future. This methodology negates all that we think about the brain research of learning. Hence, once a student fails to grasp what he is taught, there may be no chance he would possibly learn thereafter.

  1. Psychological over-burden:

Teachers load up lectures with a lot of details and the outcome is that students are not able to handle all the data properly.

  1. Hearing Disabilities:

Even the slightest impairment in hearing, motor skills or language can make lecture not much effective, as it is hard to stay focused and take notes quickly.

  1. Poor presentation:

Last but not the least a poorly presented lecture is sure to make the attention of the students fall off. Many instructors have neither the ability nor aptitude to hold the gathering of students well enough.
A large portion of these short comings can be tended to by following strategies:

  1. Some basics to focus on:
  • Fit the lecture to the group of students
  • Focus on your subject
  • Construct an outline of 5-9 noteworthy points you need to cover
  • Select suitable examples or representations
  • Introduce more than one side of an issue
  • Note your students’ criticism
  • Be eager – you don’t need to be a performer however you ought to be zealous about your point.
  1. Invite students to participate:

Make an environment that energizes students’ support by using a conversational tone and do not comment on students’ inquiries or remarks, before the class. In the event that you want that your students should talk, look at them. Welcome challenges to your thoughts. At the point when a student raises a question, rather than answering, request an answer from other students of the class.

  1. Keep changing the format:

To change the conventional lecture format, use examples for the issues you need to pass on and conduct class debates for any issue addressed. Stop the lecture for a while and motivate studentsto write the results on the board about that issue after working in a small team.

  1. Recorded lectures:

A recorded lecture has some direct pragmatic points of interest. Students can rewind if any of the points has slipped by, or on the off chance that they do not comprehend what they have listened. They can take pause to take better notes or if in case they need to look up something.

  1. Integrate Technology:

Today, teachers understand that technology is a vital part of a student’s teaching. Incorporating innovation in the course of educational programs can help upgrading and broaden the learning knowledge students as well as for teacher too. Electronic mail is considered to be a valuable approach to advance correspondence between class and teachers. On-line notes can broaden the scope of the topic to be discussed and investigate basic issues of the students, or use particular learning software to expand student’s understanding of complex concepts.

  1. Take help from Online Tutors

If students are unable to focus on these things they can take the help from online tutors who will be helping them to focus on such areas in which they are lacking. They will make the concepts in the better and reliable way where students can get the chapters and course concepts to carry out the further assignment.
How could you score the highest in University assignments is the next question which can be easily solved by the students easily where they can follow these basic steps where they can get the clarity in the concepts and easily score  highest in university finals or assignment provided. Thus, we can say that these are some of the basic steps where students can take apractical approach in their studies rather than moving for theoretical matter which is time-consuming and needs only learning. In apractical approach, students can easily get the concepts of the chapters where they can help their friendsin the related field. Apart from that, students can also focus on such areas in which they are lacking. Thus, it is better for the students to concentrate on such field in which they need more concentration
An experience from life:
My teachers, when I was in University 2 years back, in between the lectures, made us do small activities which kept us focused and get a better hold on the concepts even before the day could finish! Hence, utilized as a part of conjunction with dynamic learning, the conventional lectures can be made powerful with little efforts and lot of ideas.