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Homework Is the Best Way to Advance in the World of Education for Students

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

Talk to a student about homework and he/she will pour his/her heart out as to how doing homework is annoying, takes up a lot of time and energy and seems never ending. That’s a general view; however you can also find a handful of students who love studies and therefore enjoy doing homework.
Major reasons why most hate their homework –

  • A lack of understanding of the subject:

If you do not understand the topic, you will want to stay away from it. So if I hate math and find it difficult to do it, I shall definitely resent doing math homework. And not just math it can hold true for other subjects also.

  • Improper to No Time Management:

Successful people owe their success to hard work and most importantly, time management. The trick is to be able properly to manage time for each task daily. If doneproperly, you will find yourself with enough time for sports, arts, studies, homework and even some TV. Most students do not understand the importance of time management and so find it difficult to complete their homework with scheduled deadline for the want of time.
Because of this a number of online homework forums have come up that help student with their homework. Some provide help by providing easy explanations of difficult topics of various subjects, while others offer to do the complete homework for a nominal fee. It is okay to accept help in form of video lessons, Q & A sessions, etc. But it is unethical to get your homework done entirely by them.
There is a reason why homework is handed out to students and perhaps if you are made aware of them, you might actually look at homework differently –

  1. Avoid spoon-feeding:

Had you parents never let you out of your bassinet, you might have never learned how to walk. You can never learn anything on your own if you expect your teacher to do each and everything on your own.

  • Homework is often handed out to students so that they find out things for themselves, study and work out the topics/ problems on their own. You begin exercising your brain muscles and develop memory and higher order thinking skills.
  • Often while studying a subject, you might find your area of interest which you can develop into a successful career.
  1. Learning Time management and efficiency:

Managing time is a great skill so why not utilize the opportunity of learning this important much-needed skill while doing homework. This can begin by –

  • Making a To-Do list in yourplanner and then accordingly breaking down your 24 hours into time slots allocating aspecific slot to each one of things you need to do.
  • Tryto follow the time schedule strictly. Say if you begin your studies around nine in the evening, and then do it each day. By doing this, you throw the brain into a routine. Doing so will make your brain and body both energized and prepared for a study session each day at 9pm.
  • Managing each time slot efficiently can be done by taking short breaks, or organizing a group study

This is something most big companies look in their employees – to be able to dedicate sufficient time and energy to complete an assignment on time. Even if you wish to stay in academics or open your own firm, time management will be your most important asset which you learn right from childhood by managing both studies and play.

  1. Good Performance in the Tests:

Homework on topics that are often assigned is part of your school syllabus. This is the same syllabus that you will have to study for the final tests. Only with a proper understanding of a topic will you be able to do its concerned homework. So, in short you are doing both studies as well as the homework.
In case of any queries, you can approach your teacher or your friend to help you clear it out. You complete your notes in this process.
This means by the time the big tests arrive you will have covered most parts of the subject whatsoever. All you are left is with some revision, a little practice and you are ready to ace your test.

  1. Makes you ready for your future:

Doing homework require you to do some research on the topic, understand and then apply it to the problems. This requires patience, dedication and lots of hard work. This is basically character building for the future. When you have a decent job or open your own firm, these qualities – patience, hard work and information are going to take you the long way.

  1. Getting into a good College/ Job becomes easy:

As you do well in your tests, your overall GPA improves and you begin to take in interest in studies. Time management allows you to juggle and take out time for both your studies as well as other interests that may include sports or arts etc. As you successfully manage them, there is a sense of achievement and positivity in you. You become more confident and there is an overall growth of your personality.
This ensures that you become one of the most desirable candidates when it comes down to being accepted by a good college or even by a top firm.
It all comes down to the hard work you put in. Remember nothing good comes easy. You will have to strive hard for it. But you know at the end of all this, you reap the sweet fruits of your hard labor, the struggle will seem nothing.